1. Bush administration always seeking more power to abuse

    jake on 2004.05.17
    at 01:04 am

    Along with sifting through coupons and reading up on new movie releases I came across an article in the Commentary Section. Its author is a professor at Yale Law School. He points out many things I agree with. There is too much abuse occuring with the current Patriot Act, and the administration wants more. It makes my blood boil.

    The administration demands our trust. But trust is a two-way street. This administration has proved it cannot be trusted. It has arrested the innocent on baseless charges; its armies have tortured and abused human beings. Now it has the audacity to demand even greater powers.

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    1. Frida said on 2005.06.02 at 06:20 am

      I don’t think i would have trusted Bush and his “government” even if my life depended on it… I’m doing an exam in LA about power abuse and focus more on Bush then the books we’r reading… AMERICA NEEDS TREES, NOT BUSHES!

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