1. Colonial House

    brian on 2004.05.18
    at 03:17 am

    Hey, so I'm late to the game, but I watched my first episode of Colonial House on PBS tonight. Basically, its a reality series done right. And by saying I'm late to the game, I mean I didn't see an episode of Frontier House, Manor House, nor 1900s House. I heard of Frontier House, and that it was well done.

    Basically, if you haven't put two and two together, Colonial House is a bunch of present day Americans and Brits who volunteer to "go back in time" and try to be a colony in the new world. The eight-episode series was filmed over a five-month period in 2003 on an isolated stretch of the Maine coast. Everything is old (except for the boom cameras and mics, I suppose), from the tools, to the rules (including mandatory religion, which is funny because some left England because they didn't agree with the mandatory religion, among other reasons), to the salt-preserved food. There are even natives, who trade maize for flour, and bring a gift of fresh killed muskrat. Surprisingly, the pilgrims really enjoyed it. Even if they had to gut and skin it themselves. Of course, that's the point: they took two weeks of 1628 school at Plimouth Plantation where they learned the ways of the pilgrims, and how to fend for themselves.

    Terribly interesting. Of course, "check your local listings" but in general its shown mini-series like: May 17, 18, 24, 25, 2004
    8-10pm on PBS. For Boston locals, our wonderful GBH is showing it also at 10pm-12am.

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