1. Ben and Mena Interview, MT pricing commentary

    brian on 2004.05.18
    at 03:54 am

    I downloaded and enjoyed this audio interview that was conducted with Ben and Mena Trott of Six Apart. It accompanied me to work on the train via the blessed iPod. The interview was recorded just prior to their Moveable Type 3.0 licensing announcement that stirred up such a storm and has ruled the web development world over the last week or so.

    For the record, these guys deserve to make a buck after giving away their excellent product for like 3 years. Forget the rest, and pay up. Even if you qualify to use it for free, pay up, in my opinion. Could their commercial pricing schemes use a little reconsideration? Yeah, I would say so. But are there plenty of alternatives on the market, many excellent and free? Yes. Will the market eventually determine the legitimacy of the price? In this market, free from unusual instances that exist in, say, the desktop operating systems market, I would say the market will lead to their adjustment, but as a nod to Six Apart's unique personality as a progressive company, one day after their price announcements, they published clarifications, realignments, etc. when the announcement met with questions. That shows that they really care about the community that's grown up around their software. I think the people crying that the Trotts are bowing to the commands of their investors who are handing down this pricing structure simply don't understand what these two are about. If you don't like it, don't upgrade, or move on. It's simple.

    By the way, thanks to Jake for not making me pay for using this weblog. If Jake hadn't hand-forged this place, I'd likely be on TypePad or something. Actually, I'd probably be hand coding in the style of Zeldman. You should be as lucky as I to have a talented coder whom you can persuade to build you software under the guise that when it was done, he might enjoy using it, too.

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