1. Strawberry Shake Shootout

    brian on 2004.05.18
    at 07:12 pm

    Here's two reviews of recent Strawberry Milkshakes I've consumed.

    JP Licks Strawberry Frappe.

    To start, if you don't know what a Frappe is, that's OK. It's New England for "thin milkshake." That's going to skew things in my review, I'll admit. I prefer shakes that are thick. But I won't penalize JPL on grounds of style, however, being thinner, the drink loses its cool faster. A factor when walking the three or so blocks home while enjoying your treat.

    The Frappe is made with JP's own ice cream, which is of famously high quality. From what I could tell, The ingredients of my frappe were one ladel of chunky strawberry topping (ostensibly made of actual stawberries and syrup) some unknown amount of hard ice cream (assumedly vanilla) and my choice of whole or skim milk (I chose skim). Fresh, high quality ice cream base is going to give JPL the lion's share of their points. Flavor was pretty much spot on. Not too much on the sweet side, not too much on the milky side. I did get chunks of strawberry up the straw. However, a section I will penalize on is the grounds of price. There's only one size on the menu. Luckily for me, this was the quantity I wanted. But it weighs in at $4.50 before tax ($4.73 after). Ouch. The "Extra-Thick Frappe" is $4.75 on the menu.

    Things that I don't factor into the score here are ambience of the shop (I visited my local Coolidge Corner location, very nice) or quality of the server (equally good). But I thought I'd add that in.

    I give JP Licks' Strawberry Frappe a 3.5 out of 5 asterisks. JP Licks has 7 locations throughout the Boston area. But no website to link to. Here's a link to a review of their Newbury Street location.

    {Totally unrelated, on my walk back from JP Licks, my iPod treated me to one of my favorite songs, Recently, by the Dave Matthews Band - off the 1993 self-released "Remember Two Things." This is where I got the inspiration for our weblog's name (although its entirely relevant on its own). }


    McDonald's Corp Strawberry Shake

    OK, now turning to an easier to find milkshake, we'll take a look at McD's. Here, the most points are scored right off the bat with a very good thickness. Just shy of "damn-near-impossible-to-sip." Also, McD's scores big points for value for your dollar. The medium size (16oz) is plenty big, and cost just less than $2. The flavor and ingredients are where McD's predictably slips. The flavor was surprisingly passable, but simply cannot compare to an actual ice cream shop. I've also had a vanilla shake once from McD's and thought it tasted like an oil slick, and promptly got a stomach ache from its unknown ingredients.

    Speaking of ingredients, one can only assume the shake is made of some form of McD's standard ice milk, which would save you a little on the fat side, but we don't make such considerations here. Additionally, the source of that dairy is likely very corporate in nature... surely not of ice cream shop quality, and the flavorings, colorings and thickening agents are partially of artificial nature. Big minuses in our book. However, in McDonald's defense, here are the actual ingredients from the shake I consumed. Surprisingly, strawberries are actually on the list. Unsurprisingly, there are preservatives.

    Again, ambience will not be factored in, as we stopped on the MassPike at 11pm on a Saturday night, that's good for McD's score. But it also does well in another unscored catagory of convenience.

    I give McD's Strawberry Shake a score of two asterisks out of five.

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    1. Jose Anes said on 2004.05.19 at 04:30 pm

      McD Value??

      If you do not like it, how could it be value? Flavor / Price = Value Factor :)

    2. Brian said on 2004.05.20 at 03:16 am


      "Very good thickness" and "The flavor was surprisingly passable" doesn't equal "made me puke" The vanilla was awful, but I wasn't grading that. So two outta five. You're welcomed to review one yourself. ;-)

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