1. Tuna ships inadvertantly killing dolphins

    jake on 2004.05.18
    at 10:04 pm

    Dolphin and calfThis has been collecting dust in my browser, but I finally got to write about this tab. Dolphins are still being affected by tuna fleets. Dolphins used to be killed because they were trapped in the fish nets. But the true problem is their proximity to tuna schools. Tuna gather near dolphins so the fishing ships follow them around. Then the dolphins are herded away to allow catching of the tuna. But in doing this the calves are separated from their mothers. The calf however uses its mother to draft. Similar to professional cyclists. And without the mothers help can have trouble reconnecting with the group. This is a horrible secondary effect (after the whole catching them in nets business) of human ignorance.

    "As the mother (dolphin) moves through the water, she pushes the water in front of her forwards and to the sides, to make space for her body," Weihs told Discovery News. "As she moves, the space behind her is filled with water moving forward and inward. If the baby is (positioned to the right) obliquely behind, it gets dragged along by the forward-moving water."

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