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  1. RCN Down, not out, rips into Rest of Cable Industry

    brian on 2004.05.21
    at 01:08 pm

    RCN, one of the few companies trying to compete in the same markets as other cable giants is filing for bankrupcy. Their CEO wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal. (I all but expect for that link to break, and soon.)

    ...the major cable companies still divide-and-rule territory. When one company buys close to another, the rivals simply exchange geographic service areas, so that each side can expand their local fiefdoms -- the same business model championed by Tony Soprano.

    It's very true, the 1996 Telecom Act did nothing to breed competition in the cable industry. Rates are up 40%, and companies have never bought each other up so quickly.

    Even more irritating to consumers is the way the cable giants package their programming. This may be the only business in the world in which you have to purchase a product you don't want in order to get the product you do... In some systems, cable operators own nearly 50% of cable programming... Can you imagine if Wal-Mart insisted that you buy a hairbrush when all you want is a toothbrush?

    {Thanks Rob and Adam for the pointers.}

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