1. Pulpit Shaky

    brian on 2004.05.22
    at 12:34 am

    One of my favorite tech columnist/pundits is Robert X. Cringley (pen name, apparently). However, for the first time ever this week's column I feel is really quite off base. Now being who I am, I'm not really going to get into debunking this. I'm hoping John Gruber will take care of that for me, and to a much wider audience. But I'll say a few brief things here:

    1) I really don't know anything about the news broke by the New York Times the other day, so everything else here is my personal opinion as a Mac user for many years.

    2) Read the article (above) or else the rest of this won't make sense.

    3) Why would Steve Jobs want to make these divisions so it was easier to kill off the personal computer division of Apple, his baby? That's ridiculous. When he came back to Apple in the 90s, he axed just about everything, including peripherals and non-computer stuff (like the Newton). And you think he'd drop 25 years of personal computers for the upstart iPod? I doubt it. The Mac division won't "starve and die." with even the "tiny" amount of customers they have. Remember, volume-wise, Apple is one of the top five manufacturers in the world. Apple makes and sells a lot more computers than many companies who are not considered "going out of business."

    4) "Everything's ported to Intel, and all Mac users would upgrade, versus just a few million when the OS X change happened" Um, hello? Are you nuts? Why would people give up totally useful PPC machines, just to get new Intel-based ones? If God-Forbid that would happen, I would think there would be a rush to scoop up PPC-powered Macs.

    5) "what if IBM has no interest in supplying such a chip ("Cell")... for Apple?" Why wouldn't they want as many customers for their chip as possible? IBM and Apple are very friendly. Apple is a partner in the design of the PPC, not just a buyer of an IBM made chip, like the other companies RXC mentioned. So its unlikely IBM would have any reason why they would want to turn their back on one of their best partner/ customers. Crazy. They have a $3 Billion chip fab in New York State they built to create G5 chips, and they have to pay it off, baby!

    In conclusion: wow, Robert, maybe its the South Carolina water, but, damn man, what happened? This article is subpar.

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    1. jake said on 2004.05.22 at 02:02 am

      I agree

      I really ride the fence, I have a Powerbook, Windows Desktop and Linux small form factor PC. All I need is BSD (which you could argue I have in OS X) and I'd have most major Os' outside of expensive stuff like Solaris.

      4) Well I don't know why everyone just says, hey Intel is great, why not use Intel? Well the G5 is a lot more efficient of a chip. Similar to how an AMD chip can run at a much lower clock speed and provide similar performance. Intel is even scrapping some future plans and redeveloping. They're also going to start using different ways of differentiating chips besides clock speed. MHz isn't everything, think of it like this, if you're car has 300 hp but the rest of the engine is inefficient, poor torque, etc. Your car still won't do very well in a race.

      I need to drive home now, but I just wanted to say that people have been writing off Apple for years, and they never seem to go away. The only reason x86 is so prevalent is businesses, Apple sells plenty of computers. They just don't get to put in an installation base of 7,000 at one company.

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