1. A Switch Tale

    brian on 2003.01.06
    at 04:05 am

    Many people know that I myself once Switched, and have been terribly happy with my tech life ever since. I even work part-time for the big A. This story has almost nothing to do with that, what-so-ever.

    The part that does have to do with it is parody. John Bender is a Switcher. He's an American who moved to Canada. He parodied Apple's ads with his own, based upon his experience moving north. His site is a great knock-off of Apple's and is full of interesting info and links on The State's Great White neighbor. Of course, his switch has a great deal to do with meeting a Canadian who would become his wife, but he seems quite happy with the move, none the less.

    I'm not endorsing leaving The States. No matter how many times I've thought of it when W. has opened his mouth without thinking first, I couldn't give up on the US of A, despite the fact that I'm quite fond of Canada, the North and snow, snow, snow! I'm quite proud to be an American, and a Yankee/ native-New Englander. Side note: Jake and I both have matching Team-USA Hockey Jerseys.

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