1. Nutshell: What's wrong with America

    brian on 2004.05.24
    at 03:53 pm

    There's a lot right with America, but here's a quote that sums up a lot of what is wrong...

    "The days of engineering-led technology companies are coming to an end," Mr. Dell declared. (NYT via /.)

    So many people don't want to really do anything themselves. They don't want to create, they just want to capitalize. Make money off of pimping, basically. Its in hip-hop music. It's in corporate America. And both gangsta' rap and Dell are enormously successfully and popular, both basically pretending and profiting.

    I'm all for making distribution more efficient (Dell reference, obviously, not the RIAA!) but hard work got America where it is, and coasting on image and pretense will undo that post-haste.

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