1. GreaseCar!

    brian on 2004.05.25
    at 01:20 pm

    I saw this company in a small news tidbit on the news today, check them out! GreaseCar.

    GreaseCar is a company that sells vegetable oil conversion kits for diesel powered automobiles. It's a dual fuel system, that uses regular diesel along side regular vegetable oil to power the car. Where do you get the oil to run on? Most restaurants will give it to you for free, since waste frying oil usually costs them money to remove. You simply collect it, filter it, and put it in your veggie-tank. Regular diesel fuel is still used to start the vehicle, and to shut it down. The car can also run exclusively on regular diesel when vegetable oil is unavailable.

    If I had a diesel powered car, I'd be getting in contact with them right now!

    Note from Jake: Drivers Eye Vegetable Oil As Cheap Fuel - Article from Associated Press, references to GreaseCar and Weston, CT, the state Brian and I grew up in.

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    1. Adam said on 2004.09.19 at 07:59 pm

      Where is grease car?

      What happened to this site
      it appears to be not longer in existence? Or has it moved???

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