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  1. Reserve Your Copy Today!

    brian on 2004.05.25
    at 03:22 pm

    A Pop up ad from Catholic OnlineOK, silly story to tell. I was perusing Coudal Partners' website, and in their "About" section, they has a link to their "patron saint."

    Well, I had just disabled my pop-up blocker in Safari so that I could enjoy some sample tracks off of Phish's new album. Sure enough, when I clicked on the patron saint link, which lead to Catholic Online (catholic.org) I got a pop up. Yes, God sent me a pop-up ad he wanted me to see.

    As disturbing as that is alone, the content of the pop-up was even more disturbing:

    Catholic Online is the best way to reserve you {sic} pre-release copy of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" DVD/VHS.

    Order as many as you want with NO LIMITS

    I took a screen shot for your displeasure.

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