1. Saabaru

    brian on 2004.05.25
    at 03:59 pm

    I may have noted before that my favorite car company, Saab, and my favorite car model, a Subaru WRX, have been merged together as one in the new Saab 9-2X. It's true and there's two truths: 1) I can't afford to buy one right now. 2) It'd only be better if it were a hybrid.

    Anyhow. The Independent has a good overview of the new Saab. It's written by someone who clearly understands Saab's history, and unique place as an automaker.

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    1. Swade said on 2004.11.12 at 03:34 am

      I'm not sure if Australia will ever see the 9-2, but I'd like to. I have a feeling though that it might be the 'middle of the end' for Saab. The last true Saab car in character was the 900. Gm have crept in ever since. The new ones here are definitely good - an improvement over the mid 90s, but the character of the cars has been diluted so very much. Hope you're enjoying your new (to you) Saab.

    2. Tom said on 2005.07.17 at 07:39 pm

      My New SAABaru

      Well I just got my 9-2X Aero right before the GM discount ended so I got a good deal on it. I got it stick because there is no other way to drive the 2.0 L. Turbo boxer Subaru engine. So far the car is great and the only mods I have done so far is custom window decals that say SAABaru, but in the near future I am looking at new intake, exhaust, comp. controller, and of course a new sound system. Its a Subaru at heart with the toned down Saab luxury style.

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