1. Return to the Titanic

    brian on 2004.06.12
    at 09:31 pm

    I'm lucky enough today to catch National Geographic's Return to the Titanic. I say that, because I actually know Dr. Robert Ballard, the guy who discovered the Titanic's final resting spot. He's a very friendly gentlemen, and a customer of my family's hardware store in Old Lyme, CT. We're lucky enough that he decided to set up shop at the Mystic Aquarium, not far from my hometown. Dr. Ballard has started the Institute for Exploration at the Mystic Aquarium, which is a whole new wing at the aquarium. Wonderful to visit if you're in the area. Dr. Ballard also started The JASON Project, an educational organization started n 1989 after Ballard received thousands of letters from school children wanting to know how he discovered the RMS Titanic. It is headquartered in Needham, MA.

    I think his work and my own dovetail nicely, and maybe one day our pathes may cross. Apple imaging, scientific and web technology are a perfect compliment to his work, and I hope one day I'll get to discuss that with him the next time we meet. Hey, if the institute needs a tech guy, or two web developers, I can name two quick. If you're out there, drop us a line!

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