1. Yahoo! releases and 100MB email and screws me by deleting my account from 1996

    jake on 2004.06.15
    at 01:44 pm

    So after having a really old email address (savior@rocketmail, don't ask) forever Yahoo! has decided to delete it from my paying service because of inactivity. Huh, I coulda sworn my inactivity was because I couldn't log in for the past 4 months. Now since it's from an acquired (rocketmail) entity the only recourse I have is opening a whole new acount. So thanks Yahoo!, now I have been paying you for the past two years to screw me over and destroy my first ever email address. It probably wouldn't bother me as much, but I am a bit nostalgic about it. Maybe I can get my money back or something.

    Update: I have just been issued a refund (after being on the phone for 50 minutes) and been told my only course of action is to sign up again from scratch. I'm debating this since I don't really want as an email address. But I am curious about the updated look , etc. and since I would need to be invited to Gmail I'll just ponder this some more...

    Update: Well I gave in and got a new address, thought it's not what I would call "good." But I do like the the interface a little better. Now the question is, do I upgrade and add pop-access back into the equation? And what the heck do I possibly use this address for since I have control over my own domain? Who knows.

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    1. D_U_D_E said on 2004.07.24 at 02:40 pm


    2. ginny weasly said on 2004.11.02 at 12:10 pm

      deleting my e-mail address

    3. Jeanine S. said on 2004.11.19 at 05:58 pm

      Deleting my e-mail

      I was wondering if there was anyway I could delete this yahoo e-mail address cause I have another yahoo e-mail address and I don't need this one anymore.

    4. sarah edden said on 2005.01.23 at 11:32 am

      i dont want my email address any more

    5. yossofzai said on 2005.02.05 at 09:37 pm

      how can i quit my email

    6. amber said on 2005.02.05 at 09:39 pm


      i c
      how do i destroy it

    7. brittany costello said on 2005.03.19 at 05:38 am


      please delete it i can not use it

    8. brittany costello said on 2005.03.19 at 05:39 am


      got a new one can’t use it

    9. brittany costello said on 2005.03.19 at 05:40 am


      got new one don’t five of them

    10. edward weaver said on 2005.06.03 at 11:12 am


      don’t want this address.

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