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    brian on 2004.06.16
    at 12:14 am

    No this isn't an advertisement for the iTunes Music Store. Although, it was introduced to Europe today, rolling out in the UK, France and Germany. Enjoy all.

    No, I'm talking new Beastie Boys, and new Phish. (However, since you asked, both are available. Have iTunes? Follow these links to launch and listen: To the 5 Boroughs, Undermind)

    First, The Beastie Boys' newest To the Five Boroughs, is their first release in five years. A lot has happened in the last five years. The least of which is that their own record label, Grand Royal, went out of business. I don't think they had any trouble being signed for their latest album, though. In other terms, much hasn't happened in five years. For example, their sound hasn't changed a bit. So if you're a BB's fan, you'll enjoy this album. On the other hand, if you were looking for their sound and art to grow, and expand, perhaps experiment… you will be sorely disappointed. No growth, but well made hip-hop. Without expecting too much, I give it three out of five stars.

    Undermind from Phish is also a new release. Unfortunely, it will also be their final release. It's a real shame, too. This is a great album, and shows the strength of their song writing to have grown. American music will be than much lessened for their loss. Known mostly for their live shows, and advanced improvisational "jams," many people discount that their write complex, thought-provoking compositions and each member is a skilled technical performer.

    Additionally, if you order the CD from Phish directly, (or get one of the first x of those produced and sold at retail) you get an excellent DVD-Video documentary on the making of the album at "The Barn" in their home state of Vermont. (You also get a free sticker.) You will see a 23" Cinema Display several times, right in the middle of the studio. Rating: 4.45. out of 5.

    Interestingly enough, days before I received my copy in the mail from my direct pre-order, and days before it was available via retail outlets, I saw it on an iPod I was troubleshooting. Sad.

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