1. Livestrong Band

    jake on 2004.06.28
    at 02:10 pm

    Livestrong BandPurchase of the band goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Aiming for $5 million. I bought a package of ten, which is only sucky cause I just need one. Guess I'll be giving them away to raise awareness. Though giving them away doesn't necessarily help the donation process.

    Web Site From: RE.
    Where I heard about it: Eryk at work.

    Update: Make sure to read the comments before blindly posting a three word request. You may come across gems like Matt or Kim who have some available. Also, can anyone verify the Build-a-Bear claim?

    Update 2: New post discussing all these shenanigans. Plenty of articles and quotes.

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    Comments (554)

    1. Scott said on 2004.06.28 at 03:25 pm

      Nice of you!

      That was a very nice thing of you to do!

    2. Joost said on 2004.07.10 at 08:20 pm

      Wow. It's nice to see my post had an effect. Thanks for the link to my site.

      I bought the same package. They should arive soon.

    3. Rob said on 2004.08.09 at 06:07 am


      Well I'll buy one off you if you still have them?

    4. Steph said on 2004.08.10 at 09:48 pm

      That's awesome! I'll buy one if you need to get rid of them.

    5. jake said on 2004.08.28 at 11:58 pm

      Well I am all out of bands. I sent one to Rob and one to Steph, and handed out a few to friends. I hope everyone else who wants one can get their hands on one somehow.

    6. Cristin said on 2004.09.16 at 12:39 am

      Me and some of my friends wanted LiveStrong Braclets so bad, but we can't find anyplace that still has them. We will all buy some from you. That would be awesome!!

    7. K@ssI said on 2004.09.18 at 10:06 pm

      i just bought ten off the net but i only need 3 anybody can buy them from me if they want one

    8. K@ssI said on 2004.09.18 at 10:06 pm

      if anybody wants them pleaz reply ASAP

    9. Nemo* said on 2004.09.19 at 01:36 am

      Livestrong braclets

      If anyone has any left I would like to buy one. please e-mail me at

    10. `*Kelsey said on 2004.09.19 at 06:09 pm


      I really want a Livestrong braclet, if anyone has one and maybe i could buy it from someone, please instant message me on x3kelsey79 on aol instant messenger. Or leave me a comment in my xanga, on details how i could get / buy one...

      p.s-my e-mail doesn't work

    11. steveo said on 2004.09.20 at 01:28 am

      whoever has any LiveSTRONG bands left plz Email me at "" or IM me on AIM at " lilaznstevee " .. i already have one but my friends are in dire need of them .. adult or child sizes fine with me

    12. nikki said on 2004.09.21 at 11:36 pm


      if any one has any more livestrong braclets in adult size...then plllease hook me up!!willing to pay more than 1 dollar!!email me at


    13. Wil said on 2004.09.25 at 08:36 pm


      why dont they just make a billion of them. They would get sold. ITs not like theres not a big enough demand for them. Does anyone know of a website where i can order them???:

    14. jake said on 2004.09.26 at 03:08 am

      Go to the source

      Well Wil, the only place I know of really is from the Foundation itself. LAF Store.

    15. nick said on 2004.09.26 at 08:58 pm

      i need one

      please tell me where to find a livestong

    16. larry said on 2004.09.27 at 03:09 am


      I have 53 @ $10 each

    17. evan lehr said on 2004.09.27 at 09:11 pm

      how do i buy one

      ok thats cool and all but can u tell me what website i can order a case of them at e-mail me.

    18. Tiffany said on 2004.09.27 at 10:43 pm

      Do you have or know where i can find one?

      Hello, Are you selling livestrong bracelets? Do you know where to find them? If you know the answers to there questions e-mail me as soon as possible.
      Thank you

    19. Emily said on 2004.09.28 at 12:50 am


      If anyone has any that they don't want and are selling, please contact me a I really want one and everyone has one but me. It makes me feel bad. ASAP. Oh yeah. Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Emily said on 2004.09.28 at 12:50 am


      Sorry, don't try MY email 'cause it does'nt work. instead contact me at Thanks! =)

    21. Ari said on 2004.09.28 at 04:07 pm

      if anyone still has braclets I'll buy them...I'm also looking for child's size braclets if anyone knows....


    22. Kim said on 2004.09.29 at 02:32 pm

      My son broke his and I am tryingto get a replacement...the foundation is backordered. Does anyone have any extra to sell me one? Please e-mail

    23. Cristina said on 2004.09.30 at 06:30 pm

      Live strong braclets

      I have five braclets for sale at 10.00 each if any one needs one
      email me at

    24. nicole said on 2004.09.30 at 07:16 pm


      i would like to buy one from you conteact thanks!

    25. Mary said on 2004.10.01 at 04:49 pm

      Livestrong bracelet

      They are only a $1 a piece.
      JUst go to the site and buy 10 for $10. You can then give them out or sell for a $1.

    26. anthony said on 2004.10.02 at 12:59 am

      livestrong band two

      i want two live strong bands

    27. chad nieri said on 2004.10.02 at 01:15 pm

      i want to buy one

      but not 10

    28. ggg said on 2004.10.02 at 11:51 pm

      get them from ebay

      get tehm from ebay, if u look for awhile ull find a reasonable price

    29. Brianna said on 2004.10.03 at 01:22 am



    30. taylor said on 2004.10.03 at 10:08 pm

      I want those braclets

      i really want one because everyone has one and me adn my friend want one

    31. taylor said on 2004.10.03 at 10:08 pm

      I want those braclets

      i really want one because everyone has one and me and my friend want one

    32. kayla said on 2004.10.03 at 11:00 pm


      hey um i would really like a braclet they mean a lot to me and my friends and were trien to find some!! i would like to help out so let me know!!

    33. Erika said on 2004.10.04 at 02:09 pm

      livestrong yellow wrist bands

      I really, really, really want a livestrong yellow wrist band!!!! They are awsome!!! Please let me know if you fiind one!

    34. Katelynn Gump said on 2004.10.04 at 05:34 pm

      Livesrtong Braclets

      If anybody has any left over livestrong braclets, that i can buy of them please email me at Thanks

    35. yellowbracelettgirl said on 2004.10.04 at 08:23 pm


      is nike selling any more bracletts or are they limeted edition?

    36. molly said on 2004.10.04 at 09:26 pm

      i want one

      if anybody has a lancearmstrong braclet i want one really bad..please contact me

    37. jake said on 2004.10.04 at 10:17 pm

      Right on Mary

      Mary, you read my mind. I understand that everyone wants one, but don't pay an arm and a leg for it.

      I have an idea, how about everyone band together and order a big lot of them, wait patiently and pass them around.

      I can live with recouping the $1 but to charge 10+ dollars for a little yellow piece of rubber is ridiculous. Especially when 9 of those dollars is going into someone else's pocket. This is not a fashion statement. It's for charity and awareness.

    38. Tony said on 2004.10.06 at 12:16 am

      you rock

      it was a nice thing to do and you rock my socks out.

    39. Desiree said on 2004.10.06 at 05:33 pm

      The bracelets are not a fashion statement. They exist for a reason, maybe some people should make sure they know why they want one to begin with. As for all of you buying them and reselling them just to make money you are pathetic. You make a mockery of the foundation and what it stands for.

    40. DANNI said on 2004.10.06 at 05:59 pm

      need braclet


    41. Danny said on 2004.10.06 at 07:54 pm

      Livestrong Braclets

      Please I need some braclets for my Youth Group Please contact me at

    42. YARIGHT said on 2004.10.06 at 08:03 pm


      this comment is for all you who are dissing KISS ASS
      Desire and Jake if pepole really want them they will pay the price the foundation is out and it;s taking about 1month to get them SO BOOYA

    43. lewis said on 2004.10.06 at 11:24 pm

      i love you livestrong

      i have to have a livestrong band omg i just have to

    44. it me said on 2004.10.08 at 10:23 pm

      i found one

      i found one on in the hallway at my school!!@!:)

    45. Paige said on 2004.10.09 at 12:42 pm

      my cousin has canser

      hey everyone!!! i would really like one of the livestrong braclets. My cousin just found out that she has canser and she is only 16 years old. I had a yellow band but someone stole it from me, so if anyone has one please e-mail me or try to get contact with me.. my aim s/n is summerlovinx3x3
      my new one
      try both of them if you wanna IM me

      thanks a lot and if you can help me get one that you be great!

    46. Andy said on 2004.10.09 at 12:51 pm

      i need one

      I really want a band so if you know where I can get one, e-mail me at

    47. me said on 2004.10.09 at 12:57 pm

      i want 2 buy 2 livestrong bands. p.s. size medium

    48. Carissa said on 2004.10.09 at 07:40 pm

      I need One

      I want to buy 1 livestrong braclet. If you know where I can get could you please email me @
      Thank you I really apprciate it.

    49. lauren said on 2004.10.10 at 01:12 am

      i really want one

      heyy if any one is trying to sell/get rid of any livestrongs i really want one and i needa another cause i accidently broke my frineds so i want to get her a new one...e-mail me at or IM me @ cutelilauren5.....PLZ!!!

    50. Mike said on 2004.10.10 at 03:59 am

      Where you can buy them

      Go to the Tour of Hope website and then go to the Tour of Hope store and you can buy them there. Right now it is about a 3-4 week shippment time. Hope this helps.

    51. TIM mullen said on 2004.10.10 at 11:53 am

      braclets livstrong

      i want one of these cool braclets. please send one

    52. Matt said on 2004.10.10 at 08:01 pm

      need 1

      could u please send me 1 they are sweet

    53. Julie said on 2004.10.10 at 08:15 pm

      i need one!

      Could you please send me one! I have been wanting them forever and my parents won't let me buy it online! I want to suppot lance armstrong! can u PLEASE send me one!

    54. Cesar said on 2004.10.10 at 09:18 pm


      my aunt has cancer, and i can't find any wristbands, i want to buy 4 of them, contact me, anyone who has any......thx so much

    55. jeanbean said on 2004.10.11 at 02:21 am


      if any one has one left i would love to buy one mine broke pls email me at

    56. Floria said on 2004.10.11 at 01:38 pm

      Thanks for posting!!!

    57. michelle pizzo said on 2004.10.11 at 07:06 pm

      livestrongs are the best thing

      livestrongs are the best thing that has happend to the USA.It really helps the people with cancer and disseases.Even I have a livestrong not because everyone has them because everyone has them because i want to help the children.

    58. ashley said on 2004.10.11 at 07:20 pm

      i can't find any

      i need 7 youth and 2 adult

    59. ashley said on 2004.10.11 at 07:35 pm

      go to laf store

    60. Constanza said on 2004.10.11 at 08:44 pm

      Yellow bands

      Hi everyone! I'm looking for Hispanic young people wearing the yellow band in Austin. Please contact me if you can help me. Thanks!

    61. jessica said on 2004.10.11 at 09:56 pm

      livestrong braclets

      hey i really want teo livestrong Lance Armstrong braclets where can i get them and do the internet sites that sell them give the money to cancer patients or do the make bank? Well just wondering if anyone can help

    62. Kerrin said on 2004.10.12 at 01:31 am

      I would really Lyke one if sum1 Could help me out!!

      Hey My Grandfather *n* grandmother Have cancer and i would really greatly appriciate it If sum1 COuld Get ahold of me at if sum1 wantz 2 get rid of them of would Lyke 2 send me 1 .. Plez contact me back Thank You very much

    63. jeremy said on 2004.10.12 at 02:33 am

      no more live strong

      they have stoped making the the yellow livestrong braceletts and they wont sel them any more and they will now be making red livestrong braclets

    64. jake said on 2004.10.12 at 12:02 pm


      THe only thing I've found that's red is the Nike Baller bands, which I can't even find any information on. All I find when searching is links to people trying to sell them on eBay.

      And most of the time they have the word "livestrong" in the description. But they are not livestrong bands. I also found an article from just last week where they discuss how 15 million have been sold and they expect to crest 20 million.

    65. laney said on 2004.10.12 at 11:00 pm

      only one!!

      I want just ONE livestrong band. The site has 10 but I only want one. If anyone has one I'd love to get it.

    66. Kim said on 2004.10.13 at 06:19 pm


      Hi me and my mom really want a braclet really bad please if you have one email me!

    67. Ryan said on 2004.10.13 at 08:36 pm

      Gotta get one

      Hey wuz up
      I have looked eveywhere for a wristband! I went to, and they had a located where you could find stores near you that sell them, and it said go to Finish Line, but all the had were the Nike Baller Bands which are NOT what i wanted, but i bought them anywase. My friends mom works at Smoothie King, and they just orderd some so shes gonna try to egt me one, but i cant wait. And there is no RED livestrong. Those are the Baller Bands. I gotta get one so if your sellin e-mail me. Im willin to pay 15$

    68. nickky said on 2004.10.13 at 09:06 pm


      i just want one livestrong band im also willing to pay 15 dollars....please??also i was woundering if any one out there are any pink brest cancer wristbands im willing to pay

    69. Sydney said on 2004.10.13 at 11:25 pm

      i desperatly need one

      Hey! I really need a bracelet!!! email me

    70. Sydney said on 2004.10.13 at 11:26 pm

      i desperatly need one

      Please email me...all my friends have one and i need one too...
      I will send u the money through money me mom had cancer and my dad thought it would be a great idea to get one!! Please write to me!
      Thanks !!

    71. mitch said on 2004.10.14 at 03:58 pm

      i want one

      if you have any contact me

    72. Ralph Fleurimont said on 2004.10.14 at 07:45 pm

      I want one plz

      I always wanted one all my friends have one but just don't know wher they are

    73. Tiffany said on 2004.10.15 at 02:55 am

      Livestrong bands

      OK...I have looked all over for a site where I can buy some bands...anyone know where I can find them??? HELP!! Thanks!! My aim is mizzchakka...that is also at aol, is check that and yahoo too!!

    74. kbhi said on 2004.10.16 at 12:36 am


      i have a livestrong not one 1200

    75. kbhi said on 2004.10.16 at 12:41 am

      go to

      go to

    76. annonomous said on 2004.10.16 at 01:06 am

      pink livestrong braclet

      does anyone have 1

    77. Bojo said on 2004.10.16 at 01:31 am

      get one b/c i do

      I have got to get one of these things. they are so cool. One this site u can only get 10, 100, or 1,200 but it is better then non and our friends have one too! If you want one go on ebay

    78. tasha said on 2004.10.16 at 06:08 pm

      i want one really bad


    79. jaclyn burgos said on 2004.10.16 at 10:40 pm

      the live strong braclets

      If anyone knows where i can get these live strong braclets please e-mail the imformation for me i have been loking for these braclets for months.

    80. Amy said on 2004.10.17 at 01:27 am

      Dont Buy off e-bay...doesnt that defeat the purpuse of them?? The sellers are making money off them! Not Cool.

    81. Louise said on 2004.10.17 at 11:28 am

      Hey guys.. my dads dad, my mums mum, my uncle all died of cancer. So did my best friends mum 3 months ago. I want to buy at least one band for me but i am willing to buy up to 20 to raise awareness. I don't want to buy them off LAF if they will take ages to deliver to me? any ideas. I'd be so grateful. Thank you! x

    82. Tiffany said on 2004.10.17 at 05:22 pm

      Do u want any?

      If you want some go 2

    83. KEEPGOINGSTRONG said on 2004.10.18 at 12:40 am



    84. bruinz3 said on 2004.10.19 at 08:14 am


      i have some bands forsale i had gotten off of ebay. email me if interested.

    85. Melissa said on 2004.10.19 at 06:54 pm

      Livestrong wrisrt bands

      You can order 10 for $10 at the originators web site,, therefore you are supporting the true cause while helpinf to find a cure.

    86. bob said on 2004.10.19 at 07:20 pm


      please i need a livestrong everyone in school has one bu i dont and i maen it everyone in my school has one i beg enyone plaes im only going for $1.00 so pleas

    87. Paige said on 2004.10.19 at 10:55 pm

      wow people

      wow a lot of people that want livestrong braclets wants it for the wrong reason, why so many people want them is because everyone has one and they want to be like everyone. so if you want one get it for the right reason not because everyone has one.... if you agree with me post it on here

      by the way i have a livestrong braclet and i support the survivors of canser.... but my mom was not luckey enough to survive..

    88. Tory said on 2004.10.20 at 02:50 pm


      i want a livestrong bracelet, i think its a wonderful way of supporting the brave people we have that go through so much, if anyone has any i am willing to buy one (adult size) email me at :)

    89. piko said on 2004.10.20 at 10:20 pm


      il bye 1 from any 1 who is sellin them just email at Grogo and well talk more about it

    90. fdggfdgfd said on 2004.10.21 at 03:18 am

      shut up u frekin winers

    91. Matt Beekman said on 2004.10.21 at 06:12 pm

      I have Livestrong Bands

      Do you want a Livestrong wristband?
      I am trying to help the Lance Armstrong Foundation by selling Youth/Woman bands for $1.50 and donating proceeds back to the foundation (I am willing to provide proof of this to any buyer). I will pay for shipping if you order 15 or more.

      Let me know if you are

    92. Kim said on 2004.10.21 at 06:39 pm

      Anyone want a free one?

      I have 100 of these. I have already given about 900 away free. If you do...just e-mail me. I will pay for parcel post shipping...thanks!

    93. Candace Bilardo said on 2004.10.21 at 08:49 pm

      hello.. can u plz give me a free wristband!!

      omg ive been looking everywhere for the bracelets! everywhere i looked they were sold out! can u help me?

    94. lizzyh said on 2004.10.21 at 09:14 pm


      livestron is the coolest fashion at school. from boys to girls we all wear them. everyone has or watns one! they're the best ever! they're ausome. who dosn't think so?30 years from now we'll look back and remember the bright yellow livestrongs that we had so much fun with.

    95. lizzyh said on 2004.10.21 at 09:19 pm


      livestrong bands are the coolest fashion at school.from th boys to the girls we all have or want one! they're the best!who dosn't think so? just think 30 years from now we'll look back and we'll remember the yellow livestrong bands, and how much fun it was.

    96. jr said on 2004.10.21 at 10:56 pm


      everyone has one

    97. amy greer said on 2004.10.21 at 11:53 pm

      i've wanted one really bad

    98. amy greer said on 2004.10.21 at 11:53 pm

      will u send me a free band?

      i want to support the charity

    99. Taylor and cameron said on 2004.10.22 at 12:08 am


      I have one but wont give it to you

    100. cody said on 2004.10.22 at 01:19 am

      i need one my brother has cancer

      he has cancer but they only gave him one so please send me one*

    101. ethan said on 2004.10.22 at 03:50 pm

    102. lilly said on 2004.10.22 at 04:38 pm

      plz can i av 2 bands

      i live in the uk and i cant find any shops that sell them. plz can sum1 tell me wat shops i can get them from

    103. James said on 2004.10.22 at 06:16 pm


    104. tyjuty said on 2004.10.22 at 07:48 pm


      those are nike wristbands...not fakes??the baller,player,team braclets are made from nike at the same time livestonrg was made. some of you kids dont really know the meaning of livestrong braclet just like all thses other people have been saying they are not a freakin fashion statement!!!

    105. sadyseashell789 said on 2004.10.22 at 11:38 pm

      i have 1


    106. morgan said on 2004.10.23 at 03:38 am

      I alredy have 2 but they both broke. lol

    107. haleyann said on 2004.10.23 at 11:06 am

      live strong

    108. karina said on 2004.10.23 at 12:55 pm

      PLEASE!!!!!!!! i neeed ONE! all my friends and family have one

    109. Katie said on 2004.10.23 at 01:36 pm

      Can you shoot one like a rubber band? Not that it's why I'm buying one, but it would be an interesting thing to try.

    110. daniella said on 2004.10.23 at 07:22 pm


      aswsome braclets

    111. bri said on 2004.10.24 at 01:36 am

      does anyone have any of the pink livestrong's?

    112. vicki said on 2004.10.24 at 07:58 am

      livestrong bracelets

      If you have a Build-a-Bear store in your area they are selling a twin pack, one adult or child size along with one for your bear. The bear size actually fits my daughter.

    113. kaytlyn said on 2004.10.24 at 01:24 pm

      i want one

      i will pay 10 dollar 4 the 10 pack

    114. Hal said on 2004.10.24 at 07:21 pm

      want one

      where can i get a Livestrong bracelet?

    115. jasmine m said on 2004.10.24 at 08:57 pm

      i need one!

      i have been trying to get one but they will not have the breast cancer one when i need it. thanks!

    116. kathy said on 2004.10.24 at 10:11 pm


      i've had mines for 7 months, before the so called "trend" started,and it just broke i cant find it in any stores now besides the website, im trying to buy a few can anyone help me out?

    117. George said on 2004.10.25 at 12:49 am


    118. Kelly said on 2004.10.26 at 09:23 pm


      hey i really want the livestrong braclets..i hered there were diffrent colors im not sure but my aunt has breast cancer..and i would like to have one thankyou please email me if anyone wud be able to send one to me..thankyou again luv kelly

    119. shireen said on 2004.10.26 at 09:45 pm

      hey whats up, I really want one of these live strong braclets where can i get one like i have been seaching everywhere for one. Anyways I hope Lance Armstrong gets his cancer undercontrol and i hope one day he can defeat it.


    120. monkeyfreak026 said on 2004.10.26 at 10:18 pm

      where r they????????????

      i want a pink breast cancer supporting braclet. they r like the livestrongs xcept they r pink and say believe. contatc me if u want 2 sell @ or aim me at monkeyfreak026

    121. mel said on 2004.10.27 at 12:49 am

      does anyone know what the website is where i could make my own baller band or livestrong band...

    122. Ayllon g said on 2004.10.27 at 03:42 am

      where da bleep r they!!!

      does anybody no wer 2 buy a livestrong braclet? im a little desperate here

    123. Christine said on 2004.10.27 at 09:30 pm

      pink brest cancer wristbands

      I know they just started comming out with pink brest cancer wristbands. Does anyone know where I can get them? Like a livestrong websight, but for the pink ones. Please Help.

    124. Christine said on 2004.10.27 at 09:30 pm

      pink brest cancer wristbands

      I know they just started comming out with pink brest cancer wristbands. Does anyone know where I can get them? Like a livestrong websight, but for the pink ones. Please Help.

    125. sam said on 2004.10.28 at 12:21 am

      i can't stand it sold out every where!
      P.S. i do not want to get it off inernet i want to get it from a store

    126. BOB said on 2004.10.28 at 12:21 am

      is the breast cancer wrist band only for FEMALE? answer as soon as possible

    127. n said on 2004.10.28 at 12:55 am


      ^^to answear your qwuestion, no itsn ot only for female,males too

    128. boby said on 2004.10.28 at 01:09 am


      i really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleze e-mail me if u have an extra

    129. Lisa said on 2004.10.28 at 06:38 am

      Pink breast cancer bands

      Please let me know where I can purchase those pink bands in support of breast cancer, like the livestong ones. I am a survivor, but have lost many to b/c and my family and I would love to be able to wear one in support! Please help!!!!!!!

    130. COLE said on 2004.10.28 at 01:50 pm



    131. Veronica said on 2004.10.28 at 02:51 pm

      Breast cancer bands

      if anyone has one please email me @

    132. phil said on 2004.10.28 at 08:41 pm

      if anyone has the pink or yellow bands and is selling them il by some or if u could tell me were to get them

    133. phil said on 2004.10.28 at 08:45 pm

      if anyone has pink or yellow livestong bracelets please email me at i would really appreciate that

    134. Greg said on 2004.10.28 at 08:49 pm

      I recently wentto a store that was sellin 2 for $5. They were made in china, and colored. They said livestrong on it. The owner of the store said $1 of it was going to cancer. This is bogus. Watch out for illegal bands.

    135. Jen said on 2004.10.28 at 09:43 pm

      does any1 no where to get the camoflage 'support our troops' bands?.... pleez answer A.S.A.P. !!!!!!!

    136. kristen said on 2004.10.29 at 01:53 am

      pink rubber braclets

      does anyone know were i can find the pink bracelets? they are just like the yellow ones but better lol please let me know!!!

    137. Penelope said on 2004.10.29 at 03:25 pm


      I want a bracelet, in that it leaves from San Diego I can buy it? thanks

    138. Julie said on 2004.10.29 at 04:04 pm

      I have 5 yellow livestrong braclets to sell, e-mail me if interested.

    139. jordan said on 2004.10.29 at 10:32 pm

      i want a livestrong braclet please

      if anyone ahs a livestrong bracelet will you please email me at! there sold out everywhere and i would really like to have one

    140. Bob Sherman said on 2004.10.30 at 01:11 am

      Hey guyz the pink ones are dumb. They dont say Livestrong. They say "share beauty, spread hope." The yellow ones are ssssooooooo popular that the pink ones will never be. I traded a Nike Baller Band for a Livestrong. I was looking everywhere. If you want one im givin em free i have only 20 so hurry. e-mail me at

    141. brian said on 2004.10.30 at 03:35 am


      i want to get a livestrong bracelet im deing for one im upsest with them i cant stop thinking about them either but in my german class this guy is whereing one and i look at it and what i see is it says livestrong and i can read it perfectley and its really bright yellow o my god theres this one girl who has one she likes to where it inside out

    142. Veronica said on 2004.10.30 at 12:52 pm


      Still having no luck in getting a pink band. I saw a girl who had one, and I loved it. I think it's a really cool way to show support for all these causes. It may be a trend for some, but these bands do have a meaning. If anyone has a pink band, please let me know :)

    143. Courtney said on 2004.10.30 at 02:00 pm

      thank you

      Hey I jus wanted to say thank you to everyone that wears these yellow LIVE STRONG bracelets. I had a friend that just passed away because of cancer and I think it is a very nice thing for people to wear these. Like someone else said to some people these bracelets might just be a trend but to some its not to some it means alot. So I just wnated to say thank you. Courtney Please email me at and give me your comments on these bracelets

    144. sel said on 2004.10.30 at 02:09 pm

      livestrongs are supposed to SUPPORT cancer

      if you guys just want them because they are cool thats wrong i have a yellow and a pink one and i only bought them to support cancer because i just had a really important family member pass away from breast cancer she was 35 and had two little boys so if you want them you should want them to support cancer and not jsut because they are cool and the pink ones arent stupid they are important to breast cancer is jsut as horrible as regualr cancer

    145. said on 2004.10.30 at 02:11 pm

      you can get pink breast cancer braclets at at and go to the womans section the are NOT livestrongs

    146. said on 2004.10.30 at 02:11 pm

      they say share beauty spread hope

    147. Tim said on 2004.10.30 at 02:50 pm


      they make fake live stong bands.

    148. katerina poulos said on 2004.10.30 at 08:42 pm


      you can get pink breast cancer braclets at at and go to the womans section the are NOT livestrongs bands there almost like them

    149. chicks said on 2004.10.30 at 10:31 pm

      pink braclets

      if anyone has any pink breast cancer braclets please email me. it's important to me to get one because i'm a breast cancer suvivor. thanks

    150. Kayla said on 2004.10.30 at 10:42 pm

      brest cancer braclets

      i got 1 of the livestrong braclets at the Discovery Channel store in the Gardens mall. But now i want a brest cancer braclet do u know where to get them.? HELP!!!!

    151. josh said on 2004.10.30 at 11:15 pm

      if you are giving them away contact me my aol im is jdog89276

    152. leticiaR said on 2004.10.31 at 04:01 am

      livestrong pink bracelet

      I have been looking for pink bracelets. Can you plese help me!

    153. john paolo said on 2004.10.31 at 10:39 am



    154. john paolo said on 2004.10.31 at 10:43 am

      or any color


    155. Carly Wenderlich said on 2004.10.31 at 02:03 pm

      live strong braclets

      If you have any could i please have one. Im want to support the fund. So if theres any left?

    156. Wendy Meyer said on 2004.11.01 at 11:30 am

      hope lives

      I have seen hope lives bracelets at schnucks out of O'fallon MO, I was just there this weeked and there are new light pink ones that are until there is a cure Judy... I got one of those. Pretty awesome.

    157. Josh said on 2004.11.01 at 03:13 pm


      hey, if anybody needs to find livestrong braclets go to ebay the have tons. But they are about 2 dollars with out shipping.

    158. ASHELEY said on 2004.11.01 at 07:19 pm



    159. colleen said on 2004.11.01 at 07:43 pm


      if u really want one i can get u as many as u want contact me on aim hollabackoc they are 2 dollars because i have to ship them and i get them for two bucks

    160. ASHELEY said on 2004.11.01 at 08:07 pm



    161. shannon said on 2004.11.02 at 08:22 pm

      live strong

      if any one wants on and you live near exton PA well in exton across from the mall in the shopping center with toys r us and giant in cris' halmark they are a dollar

    162. nikki363 said on 2004.11.02 at 08:56 pm

      i know where to get them

      you can get them at finish line at the mall and you can also get them off of ebay for like a buck or two

      for all the people who want one

    163. lala said on 2004.11.02 at 09:01 pm

      does any one know where to get those pink live strong bands for breast cancer please write a message if you do know where to get them

    164. said on 2004.11.02 at 10:56 pm

      lala, I know where you can get a pink one. I just bought one the other day for $2.00. But just to let you know they are different prices. but here is the website to where you can by them, LE3839P0-Other-Materials.html . I hope you get one, I hope we can chat sometime. I would love to talk. Here is my e-mail address, e-mail me sometime. I hope you get this message. Good Luck Findin One!

    165. LIZ said on 2004.11.02 at 10:59 pm

      I want one so bad

      I want a Yellow LiveStrong Bracelet! I have a pink one I just ordered. I can't wait for it to come. If anybody knows where I can get one, let me know by e-mailing me at -Thanx- *L.C*

    166. hhh said on 2004.11.03 at 12:16 am

      live strong

      Ashely, you need to get your fax satraight. My grand father died of cancer. The money that goes to Buying Those braclets Goes to the cancer Foundation. I CARE ABOUT THOSE BRACLETS.

    167. hhh said on 2004.11.03 at 12:16 am

      Who agreas with me

    168. hhh said on 2004.11.03 at 12:21 am

      Nikki323 Dont get them off ebay The money Does not go to the cancer foundation. but do what you want

    169. hhh said on 2004.11.03 at 12:25 am

      Does any one live in peoria il

    170. valoblk said on 2004.11.03 at 11:17 am

      Build-A-Bear has a TON in stock in my area (MD). The "Bear" size is a perfect fit for my 5-year-old daughter. I guess that word hasn't got out yet since most people are only checking the athletic/bike shops.

    171. gina said on 2004.11.03 at 05:40 pm


      everybody can get a livestrong at

    172. gina said on 2004.11.03 at 05:41 pm

      sorry I forgot ...

      to say that the least amount u can get is ten for $15.00

    173. linda said on 2004.11.03 at 05:58 pm

      livestrong at babw

      i heard u can buy them at buy them at build-a-bear. they come with 1 4 u and your bear

    174. hhh said on 2004.11.03 at 07:35 pm

      gina You can get 10 For 10$:-)

    175. Benny said on 2004.11.03 at 09:58 pm

      Bennys Grandpa passed away

      I am very shocked to hear that my grandfather passed away.

    176. Mel said on 2004.11.03 at 11:40 pm

      i really need a livestrong bracelet

      If you have any youth livestrong bracelets and you want to sell it to me for a cheap price I would LOVE to have it because I want to support cancer because my friend has it. So pleas if you have any sell it to me or give it!

    177. melby said on 2004.11.03 at 11:48 pm

      livestrong bracelets

      give me 1

    178. dezarae johnson said on 2004.11.04 at 01:40 am


      i have a case if anyone needs them youth and adult

    179. Erin said on 2004.11.04 at 02:16 am


      Hey what up i want a livestrong bracelets sooo bad cuz my grandma has cancer so if anyone has one in adult IM me on AIM lilhoops1327
      PLZ or e-mail me at

    180. Tracy said on 2004.11.04 at 07:11 pm

      their awsome


    181. chris said on 2004.11.04 at 08:52 pm

      i really really want one please

      if any one knows where i can get just one please let me know

    182. totteen said on 2004.11.04 at 09:52 pm

      NOT FAIR

      Every1 @ my school have one and they cost $2. That is a little expensive.

    183. Totteen said on 2004.11.04 at 09:55 pm

      Angels help the ones with cancer

      ( /)
      ( __ / )
      ( ()/ )
      ( / )
      ( / / )
      ( )
      By Totteen

    184. brittney said on 2004.11.05 at 02:14 am

      Pink wrist bands

    185. GABRIEL said on 2004.11.05 at 03:27 pm


      my store was selling them a few weeks a go and we may have a few more email me and i will let you know

    186. matt said on 2004.11.05 at 04:49 pm

      I got mine at freehold racway mall in N.J.

    187. Molly said on 2004.11.05 at 06:48 pm

      Hey, if you have any extra I would like to buy 3! One for my sis, one for me, and one for my best friend! E-mail me if you have any extra

    188. Adam said on 2004.11.05 at 07:25 pm


      I'm absolutely desperate for a pink livestrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    189. sara said on 2004.11.05 at 07:30 pm

      would u please send me 2 my cuz and i would love to suport this cause

    190. mariana said on 2004.11.05 at 08:31 pm


      i need one please tell me were i can get it

    191. loser said on 2004.11.05 at 09:28 pm

      livestrong braclets

      i got one hahaha

    192. Nicole said on 2004.11.05 at 09:41 pm

      Get one @:

      Everyone keeps asking the same question: where do I get one?? Well, you can get them @ This is the only place to get an authentic bracelet. Don't buy them off of e-bay, you never know if they are real, and plus, people are selling them to make a profit, they are not selling them to help the cause.

    193. megan gill said on 2004.11.06 at 12:18 am


      i love the people ho deaf

    194. Monica said on 2004.11.06 at 01:26 am


      i love the livestongs they are very cool! i think it is the best think ever~!

    195. Devin said on 2004.11.06 at 04:59 am


      The livestrong bracelets at build-a-bear are fake. I saw the ones from there and compared it to mine which I got directly from, and they look waay different. the live strong font is smaller and the letters are bubbled loking on the ones from build-a-bear.

    196. Devin said on 2004.11.06 at 04:59 am


      I have a few extra adult and few extra youth. $5 a piece shipped. LMK.

    197. Devin said on 2004.11.06 at 05:20 am


      Disregard the subject on the last post. I have a few extra adult and few extra youth. $5 a piece shipped. LMK.

    198. said on 2004.11.06 at 09:52 pm

    199. Devin said on 2004.11.06 at 11:00 pm


      Maybae the livestrong bracelets at build-a-bear are real. I read that build-a-bear teamed up with LAF. They looked different to me though. Like I said I got mine directly from LAF and had to wait the 4 weeks to get them..

    200. nicole said on 2004.11.06 at 11:53 pm

      hey devin

      hey devin i read in your last posts that you have a few extras??have anymore b.c if you do then contact me and we can make some buisness!!:)lol , i e mailed you earlier!

    201. Alexandra said on 2004.11.07 at 02:19 am

      live strong bracelet

      i really like the idea of the bracelets and i love to where my live string every day

    202. amanda said on 2004.11.07 at 12:42 pm


      how and where can i find one in my area? i live in nazareth, PA so anywhere around there please !

    203. nicole said on 2004.11.07 at 01:23 pm

      to devin

      hey devin i read in your last posts that you have a few extras??have anymore b.c if you do then contact me and we can make some buisness!!:)lol , i e mailed you earlier!

    204. Devin said on 2004.11.07 at 03:50 pm


      I sent you an email yesterday.

    205. Whitney said on 2004.11.07 at 04:15 pm

      live Strong

      if any one got extras hit me up at

    206. said on 2004.11.07 at 08:07 pm

      to devin

      NEVER GOT IT!!mind telling me again the e-mail is i have no idea how i didnt get the answear yes or no??do you have ne more?

    207. Sydnee said on 2004.11.07 at 09:40 pm


      i really need a livestrong braclet and i can't find one anywhere if any one knows where i can get just one or anything please im me @ xBiXbYBaBi369x or e-mail me at

    208. nicole said on 2004.11.07 at 09:44 pm

      to devin

      nEVER GOT IT!!mind telling me again the e-mail is i have no idea how i didnt get the answear yes or no??do you have ne more?

    209. brianna said on 2004.11.07 at 10:19 pm

      livelife how it is

      livelife how it is because i told u to

    210. losers said on 2004.11.07 at 11:31 pm


      u have NO FRIENDS FATS

    211. Matt said on 2004.11.08 at 12:41 am

      wat are all the colors and wat do they mean? PLZ help also where can you buy them

    212. Ally said on 2004.11.08 at 07:24 pm



    213. Jessica said on 2004.11.08 at 07:27 pm


      I love livestrongs!

    214. jennifer said on 2004.11.08 at 08:05 pm


      plz,i need one so bad. i really think i could buy one from you. plz im me at ruhruh8910!

    215. nick said on 2004.11.08 at 10:11 pm

      i really care

      can i please have one i need to support cancer awareness


    216. Amanda said on 2004.11.08 at 10:33 pm


      Yeah I know where you can get your own pack, for 5, 10 all the way up to 100 with a 5 doller shipping fee. You go to beware.. delivery takes a long time, over a month, but its worth the wait!

    217. poo said on 2004.11.08 at 11:16 pm

      is it really worth the wait for a meaningless piece of good silicon for a wristband that is just a fad?

    218. steve slone said on 2004.11.09 at 12:37 am

      no more bands

      I do not have any more LIVEstrong bands....if anyone would b kind enugh to give me some email me at Thank You

    219. Jude said on 2004.11.09 at 01:39 am

      Target Pink Breast Cancer Baller Bands

      If anyone knows how I can buy some of the Target Pink Breast Cancer Awareness baller bands could they please email me at

      I live in Scotland and Target only ship to US. Is that the only place where Breast Cancer Awareness will benefit from me buying? I don't want to buy off eBay etc as I think selling them to make a profit for yourself is so wrong! They should be bought to benefit the charity and worn to raise awareness.

      However, I disagree with people saying they shouldn't be worn as a fashion statement. If the LIVEstrong band hadn't become quite so fashionable then nowhere near as many would have been sold!

      I've just ordered my LIVEstrongs from LAF and will be wearing one to support cancer awareness, but also because it's cool. I probably would have bought some anyway but it's a huge plus (for LAF and my street cred!!!) that they have become so cool.

      Anyway, I'd love it if I could add the Target Pink one (saying "share beauty spread hope", not a fake one) to my LIVEstrong - it would be even better if I could get a few so I can give them to my mates too. If someone knows how I can get my hands on some that would be great!

      Thanks to anyone who can help me!

    220. fatass21 said on 2004.11.09 at 07:51 pm

      live strong is gay

      i fuking hate livestrong bracletts!!! there totaly queer!!

    221. Luke said on 2004.11.09 at 11:17 pm


      If anybody has a Livestrong bracelet... and you wanna send 1 to me for free... plz email me i'll check back tomorrow about this....
      plz plz plz send me 1 i beg u !!!
      going nuts for baller bands,

    222. justin said on 2004.11.09 at 11:27 pm

      liveSTRONG bands

      are the blue and red livestrong bands real i want to buy one but im asking around first. i was loking at the on e bay and the are in the livestrong package. so plz e mail me with the answer

    223. Luke Johnson said on 2004.11.09 at 11:47 pm


      Hey guyz. Yall need to get your facts stratght. The colored ones are BALLER BANDS! Not livestrongs. The only Livestrongs are the yellow.

    224. john said on 2004.11.10 at 12:30 am


      Which Colors are for which cancers? i would like to know please

    225. Cody said on 2004.11.10 at 01:51 am

      Thanx all

      Hey guys my mom has breast cancer and the support of these beands are great id like to say thannx to whoever bot them you guys brings tears to my moms eyes Peace.

    226. Annie said on 2004.11.10 at 09:21 am

      Livestrong bracelets

      hi!i really need one! even my little brother has one i would really appreciate it

    227. Ashley said on 2004.11.10 at 02:38 pm

      Livestrong Braclets

      Anybody interested in Livestrong bracelets should go to google and search for them.there not that hard to find.......though i am still in need of them, I WANT THEM ALL

    228. me said on 2004.11.10 at 07:21 pm

      build a bear

      the build a bear ones are real i bought one

    229. Holly said on 2004.11.10 at 09:58 pm

      Wear Yellow

      If you go to you can order the bracelets. Hope it works out.

    230. tabitha said on 2004.11.11 at 05:22 pm

      finaly they come out with something to help the cure for some stuff like donating money to hkelp fight it well i need to know how the get 4 of the fight for breast cancer bands.please email me.

    231. Amanda said on 2004.11.11 at 09:55 pm

      if anyone has a purple livestrong and i no it sounds funny but there the fake ones but they still lay livstrong on them and i really need on im me if u have 1

    232. taimoor said on 2004.11.11 at 10:02 pm

      i need a livestrong band

      plzzz if ne one has one i want a livestrong band plz e-mail me at

    233. Jami said on 2004.11.11 at 10:15 pm

      I want a pink and yellow livestrong braclet so someone telll me where you got yours!!

    234. Jami said on 2004.11.11 at 10:18 pm

      hey e-mail me @ and tell me where you got your pink and yellow livestrong braclets at?? so e-mail me please i need one today (lol)just kidding)

    235. lil j said on 2004.11.11 at 11:47 pm


      I have five left if eanyone needs on please email me

    236. Jerlyn said on 2004.11.12 at 03:42 am

      I got one!!!!

      It's so cool to wear this!!! promis!!! Thanks brother Sandy!!! =)

    237. kt said on 2004.11.12 at 06:20 am


      could someone please tell me what the red, purple, and blue livestrong bands stand for

    238. fucker said on 2004.11.12 at 06:00 pm

      Live strong braslets

      i want one of those fucking pink ones u no that say Hope Faith Love u know what the fucking hell what im talking about

    239. Chree said on 2004.11.12 at 09:43 pm

      hi everybody, i would love to get one of those livestrong bands or pink breast cancer ones if any one has any to give, I love running and playin sports. so if you would like to give one to me that would be great, please and thank you, email me back....asap thanks again

    240. Chree said on 2004.11.12 at 09:43 pm

      Oh my email was hit me bac

    241. amber said on 2004.11.13 at 12:40 am

      how do u tell if there are fake?

    242. Luke Johnson said on 2004.11.13 at 02:12 am


      Guyz, THE COLOR ONES< BESIDES YELLOW AND PINK ARE NOTY TO SUPPORT CANCER!!!! they are simply a way of making money. So stop askin

    243. amber said on 2004.11.13 at 02:19 pm


    244. Annie said on 2004.11.13 at 03:34 pm

      livestrong bracelets

      Hey Ally The Colored livestrongs arent really livestrongs there BALLER BANDS DUH

    245. Annie said on 2004.11.13 at 03:38 pm



    246. Got one yesterday said on 2004.11.13 at 04:49 pm

      Ha Ha

      I got one yesterday I bought it off someone. ha ha ha ha ha

    247. annanomus said on 2004.11.13 at 04:52 pm

      To Amber

      Amber, the fake livestrongs r faded & don't have "made in china" written on the bak. The real ones r yellow, all the others r fake.

    248. ricky said on 2004.11.13 at 05:13 pm

      hey wat is up

      i want a support our troop band jsu like the live strong band if anyone has one please email me back thanks

    249. monica said on 2004.11.13 at 07:27 pm

      live strong bracletts

      I would like to get a live strong braclett, but I do not have an e-mail

    250. David said on 2004.11.13 at 08:41 pm

      I like livestrong bracelets

      send me one

      send me a email

      at im poor

    251. nikki said on 2004.11.13 at 11:54 pm

      live strong

      i luv them

    252. vicki smith said on 2004.11.13 at 11:57 pm


      i hav a pink one nd it seds live strong on it but not made in china is it real? *=

    253. sarah said on 2004.11.14 at 02:04 am

      if you guys wernt into the whole bracelet trend and if everyone wasnt wearing it then you wouldnt want it...if you cant get a hold of the braclets then why dont you just give the laf a dollar?i mean if your rreally wearing it to support cancer then you would at least give them a dollar...seroiusly are only wearing it b.c other people are

    254. Annanymous said on 2004.11.14 at 02:19 am

      this iz Wher to get them

      You can get livestrong bracelets in any 99 cent outlet in hightstown, new jersey
      You can get em' at Lance (don't get em' ther, they take 2 mo.)
      You can get it at Build a Bear, but thers r fake
      U can also get em' at Sears
      *Everyone knows we dont support cancer, we just no its hot , nd every one got one!

    255. Annonymous said on 2004.11.14 at 02:27 am

      To vicki smith

      i think that ur pink 1 iz fake, cuz it has to say made in china on it.

    256. Walkert said on 2004.11.14 at 07:44 am


      if anyone has any livestrong bands spare can you plz email me.

    257. Annie said on 2004.11.14 at 05:42 pm

      to annonymous

      they are to for cancer i bet you didn't even know that lance armstrong wore his because he had cancer

    258. Rosa G. said on 2004.11.14 at 08:02 pm


      if anyone has a livestrong band or knows where i can buy one, email me @ .

    259. Emily W. said on 2004.11.14 at 08:12 pm

      Please help me get a bracelet!

      I was just wondering if anyone has a bracelet they could maybe sell me? My boyfriends mom beat cancer, so it would mean alot to me if I could get him one. Thanks!

    260. gracie said on 2004.11.14 at 10:15 pm

      can i please have some more braceles?!?!?!?

    261. caitlin said on 2004.11.14 at 10:47 pm

      You can get livestrong bracelets at you get 10 in a pack for $10.

    262. Peanut said on 2004.11.15 at 03:38 pm


      You can get pink ones at or at Tully's (at least here in the Seattle area)

      You can get the yellow ones from

      I also know that there are green for Lyme Disease and blue from Team Hendricks in support of Hendrick Marrow (bone marrow)

    263. rachel said on 2004.11.15 at 06:32 pm

      karry is dumb!!!

      the red one is dumb because karry is stupid and i dont feel like wearing some guys name around on my arm!!(but the colors are cute so put something better)

    264. Annie said on 2004.11.15 at 10:21 pm

      I AGREE

      i agree with paige! sorry about your mom

    265. brittnee said on 2004.11.16 at 12:54 am

      i really need a braclet

      loook i really want a buch of those braclet cuz most of my family had breast cancer and i want to support them so0o if ne one has ne they are giving away or selling please please iam begging u please to contact me at thanks and ill get back to you as soon as possible thanks agian

    266. kat said on 2004.11.16 at 02:03 am

      Does anyone know wear to buy them at an actua store????

    267. Colleen said on 2004.11.16 at 03:16 pm


      I think it is a great idea to have these braclets...last year one of my freinds died from cancer...All the money from the Livestrong bracelets goes to helping finding a cure for all types of can get these bracelets at

      P.S.-there is also now a new is is for breat cancer research..u should check em out!

    268. George said on 2004.11.16 at 05:59 pm


      how do u kno if a livesrtong bracelet is fake......can sum1 plz tell me...i need to kno

    269. SCOTTY said on 2004.11.16 at 06:58 pm

      livstrong bracelets in color

      please can i have one

    270. said on 2004.11.16 at 08:17 pm

    271. kevin said on 2004.11.16 at 08:21 pm

      where can i get livestrongs!!!

      what the hell, why cant anyone buy livestrongs!!!

    272. mae said on 2004.11.16 at 11:25 pm

      i have 50

      i have lots for 3 dollars

    273. mae said on 2004.11.16 at 11:27 pm

      i have lots

      email me at JuneBugBaby2011
      I have lots like 100

    274. Kathleen Rahill said on 2004.11.16 at 11:47 pm

      LiveSTRONG Wristbands at Niketown stores

      I ordered a pack of 10 from the LAF store. However, I was also fortunate to come upon them at Niketown on 57th Street near 5th Avenue in NYC. The adult ones are plentiful, but the youth ones may be hard to locate as there are usually only 10 of them in each box.

    275. mae said on 2004.11.16 at 11:55 pm

      I HAVE 4 HA HA HA HA

      I HAVE 4 HA HA HA HA

    276. Evan Phillips said on 2004.11.16 at 11:56 pm


    277. mae said on 2004.11.16 at 11:58 pm


      im selling 100rds selling 4 dollars

    278. unfollowed said on 2004.11.17 at 12:01 am

      jus got them

      i have a pink one for breast canncwer a purple on for lung cancer a red one for heart desiese and a blue and green one!!!!im LOADED

    279. elizabeth said on 2004.11.17 at 12:19 am

      hey i just wanted to share that if you go to google and search pink brest cancer rubber braclets youll get tons of links but if u go to the third page sumwhere around the 3-5th link down there is a store all colors all cancers all diseases...tought it would help!

    280. ar soccerpie said on 2004.11.17 at 12:24 am


      you guys, I have 3 livestrong bracelets, but do you know where to get blue, pink, purple, red, green, and white?

    281. Kurt said on 2004.11.17 at 03:33 am

      Get the new Support Our Troops bands here

    282. bob said on 2004.11.17 at 07:26 pm

      to mary

      what website??? you said"They are only a $1 a piece.
      JUst go to the site and buy 10 for $10. You can then give them out or sell for a $1."

    283. Bonnie said on 2004.11.17 at 07:42 pm



    284. anthony said on 2004.11.17 at 08:10 pm

      i know

      you can tell it's fake if it doesn't say made in china on it

    285. Allie said on 2004.11.17 at 09:55 pm


      does anyone know how to tell if livestrong bracelets are reall???? i just bought mine at hallmark and idk if its real or not

    286. hayley said on 2004.11.17 at 10:15 pm

      pink bracelets

      i dont think theres such thing as having a fake livestrong...and i bought a pack of 10 off the site and they do say made in china on it...and its right from the foundation and i dont think it could get anymore real than that

      i have one of the pink ones but my friend gave it to me i think she got it at target

    287. Annie said on 2004.11.17 at 10:47 pm


      hey ar soccerpie, the blue,pink,purple,red,green&white are baller bands; GOD

    288. Clownz said on 2004.11.18 at 07:57 am

      Yeah...the only real ones i know are the Yellow LIVESTRONG ones and the PINK Target ones. Anyone have any comments about the Blue Hendrick Marrow Program one though? Are those authentic? And where do i find the Lyme Disease one online?

    289. Clownz said on 2004.11.18 at 07:57 am

      Yeah...the only real ones i know are the Yellow LIVESTRONG ones and the PINK Target ones. Anyone have any comments about the Blue Hendrick Marrow Program one though? Are those authentic? And where do i find the Lyme Disease one online?

    290. George said on 2004.11.18 at 02:36 pm


      All of you people selling them bracelets for $10 a piece are ridiculous if you live in Northeast Philadelphia and are looking for the bracelets there is a playground called Solly Playground and just before getting to the park there is a store called Stanwood Pharmacy they have them there and are $1 like they should be they, they order the bracelets straight from
      which is Lance Armstrongs foundation hope it helps a couple of you if you need anymore information just e-mail me later

    291. George said on 2004.11.18 at 02:36 pm


      All of you people selling them bracelets for $10 a piece are ridiculous if you live in Northeast Philadelphia and are looking for the bracelets there is a playground called Solly Playground and just before getting to the park there is a store called Stanwood Pharmacy they have them there and are $1 like they should be they, they order the bracelets straight from
      which is Lance Armstrongs foundation hope it helps a couple of you if you need anymore information just e-mail me later

    292. said on 2004.11.18 at 03:27 pm

    293. said on 2004.11.18 at 09:35 pm

      my mom bought me and my sister a braclet(not from this site)and I don't know why i'm just very excited for them to arrive

    294. Travis said on 2004.11.18 at 10:41 pm


      I have to find a black one!

    295. tina said on 2004.11.18 at 11:00 pm

      you quys i need a pink "spread beauty share hope" bands but i dont want to get them on target or ebay any body know any other place i could get them?! and by the way all the other livestrongs(besides yellow) are fake and they are just for self profit!!! HELLO these are for cancer survivors not your own profit!

    296. jim said on 2004.11.19 at 10:33 am

      need one email me if yhou hve livestrong braclet

    297. carly said on 2004.11.19 at 08:20 pm


      i want a pink or blue band. Where can i find one of these?

    298. mary johnson said on 2004.11.19 at 08:49 pm


      i realy wan't one of the yellow braclets

    299. super girl said on 2004.11.19 at 08:52 pm


      i realy REALY REALY wan't 1 pink braclet

    300. chelsea said on 2004.11.19 at 11:43 pm


      were do i get pink blue

    301. HEY HEY HEY said on 2004.11.20 at 12:03 am


      SUP PEEPS! we are making a pink brest cnacer braclet to come out in mid january!!! buy buy buy people

    302. jc said on 2004.11.20 at 12:21 am

      How do you buy one that actually supports cancer?

    303. breez said on 2004.11.20 at 02:34 am

      were do i get one?

      help i need one now

    304. jake said on 2004.11.21 at 03:07 am

      Woah there...

      We don't take kindly to immature smack talk. Keep the junk down people...

    305. Marc said on 2004.11.21 at 11:54 pm







    306. clownz said on 2004.11.22 at 04:49 am above for fake LIVESTRONG comments. Every colour except Yellow is FAKE!!!

    307. andy said on 2004.11.22 at 01:51 pm


      i believe that the red is for the AIDS Foundation
      and the Yellow is the cancer one
      not sure what the blue or pink are

    308. Denise Rein said on 2004.11.23 at 11:45 am

      Blue Braclet

      Where can I order the Blue Lung Braclet?

    309. Mark said on 2004.11.23 at 06:42 pm


      I have 6 livestrong adult bands for sale at $3 a piece. ( mIght be able to get more soon)

      I have 10 youth comming but you would have to contact me and put a bid on them becasue I have so many people offering money to me.

      AIM-SimplySomebody, and email

    310. Concerned said on 2004.11.24 at 01:21 am

      You Should All Be Ashamed of Yourselves...

      I do not understand what is wrong with you people? The majority of you want these bracelets at any cost and are willing to buy them off of you realize what you are doing? You are allowing the person who bought them for the 1$ price to make a personal profit that does not get donated. These bracelets shouldnt even be made anymore -- in the begining they were a good thing but now they have just turned into a trend. You're all mindless airheads...

      For those who want to buy a LiveSTRONG to support Cancer you can order them from -- they're $1 each but they are backordered for awhile - however if you really care about the cause and donating then you will be patient.

    311. Concerne said on 2004.11.24 at 01:27 am


      Any bracelet besides the yellow LiveSTRONGs and the pink Spread Beauty. Spread Hope. bracelets are fake and are being manufactered for profit. You can get the pink ones (which are for breast cancer) at Target. They're also $1 each. You should also know that any LiveSTRONG braclet that does not say MADE IN CHINA on the inside of the band is counterfit and no money will be donated to the cause...

    312. ID Noble said on 2004.11.24 at 04:00 am


      If you are still in Need of LIVESTRONG BANDS. You may
      get them on eBay. Search for an eBay seller with User
      ID called Dehindey. This seller has many combination
      of colors and sizes.


    313. Annie said on 2004.11.24 at 02:09 pm




    314. jillian said on 2004.11.24 at 07:20 pm

      a foundation for pink bracelets

      hello everyone 4 years ago my aunt passed away from breast cancer. She was only 45 years old and since that day my mom started a foundation we have made more then a lot of money and we work with FOX CHASE CANCER CENTER one of the very popular things we did this year is that we have pink bracelets that are just like the livestrong they say BREAST CANCER AWARNESS !! .. the bracelets are 2 dollars each and 100 % of the proceeds go to breast cancer research !! if you have any questions just im me at .. in the subject just right pink breast cancer bracelets !! place make a diffrence and help find a cure for breast cancer !! you never no you can suffer from it !! plz help !!

    315. Annie said on 2004.11.24 at 09:09 pm

      HEY GUYS


    316. Erin said on 2004.11.26 at 12:56 pm


      I am Annies best friend and she told me that you guys should write back just wanted to know that i dont know where to get the breast cancer bracelets

    317. Maria said on 2004.11.26 at 01:07 pm


      vicki the build a bear ones are FAKE i saw one and it said NOTHING on the back

    318. jake said on 2004.11.26 at 01:43 pm

      post comment, no email

    319. test said on 2004.11.26 at 02:16 pm

      post and email...

    320. ashley nicole said on 2004.11.26 at 06:23 pm

      THE braclet

      o man, all of you people who want the braclet so bad.... go to the real web site and get the real thing round up your friends and buy 10! also the pink ones are sold at
      but only buy then if you really support their cause, it's not a fashion statment, it's a charity!
      (and the build a bear ones aren't fake)

    321. amber said on 2004.11.26 at 08:24 pm

      build a bear

      i went to build a bear and on the inside it says made in china are thoose fake..?

    322. Melanie said on 2004.11.26 at 08:35 pm

      Actually Amber those are real but the one i got didnt have anything on the back i got ripped off

    323. Brian said on 2004.11.26 at 10:22 pm

      The Real LiveStrong

      Hey all, just to clear up some misinformation, my real LiveStrong bracelet (properly ordered from is indeed made in China, and this is embossed on the inside of the band, and the words "LiveStrong" are etched into the rubber out the outside. Also, there is plenty of room for this discussion here, too.

    324. ashley said on 2004.11.28 at 03:43 pm

      it would mean a lot!

      my friends mom just died on thanksgiving from breast cancer so i really want 2 breast cancer bracelts if anyone has any or knows where i can find them plzzzz email me!

    325. amanda said on 2004.11.29 at 06:20 pm


      those pink breast cancer ones that say "believe" are FAKES you can get them at a gas station for .99... dont buy them...

    326. leon mait said on 2004.11.29 at 08:09 pm


      i have 2 livestrongs already and i want a lot more. pease e-mail me and tell me where i can get some. please

    327. leon mait said on 2004.11.29 at 08:12 pm


      where can i costumize my own livestrong.

    328. sphynser said on 2004.11.29 at 09:42 pm

      how can i order one???

      Please send me a livestrong braclet i need one everyone has one please tell me how to order them!!!!!!!!

    329. Arlett Padron said on 2004.11.29 at 10:09 pm

      please help

      My brother has the same cancer as Lance Armstrong we need help to deal with this tragedy someone please contact me my brother is dying.

    330. Lyndsey said on 2004.11.30 at 12:16 am


      I work for a store that sells Nike and the Nike rep verified that the bands are Build-a-bear are real. They're one of the only retailers that have them in stock. Our store hasn't had the darn things since July.

    331. Lyndsey said on 2004.11.30 at 12:20 am

      And for anyone that wants the OFFICIAL pink breast cancer bracelets, they're sold at Target is the only company that's selling them officially (because its their fund raiser)

    332. summer lucas said on 2004.11.30 at 05:36 am

      live strong bracelet

      HI name is summer I AM (20).This agust my brothers (12,5) and sisters(15,8) just fond out that our mother has Leukemia. Leukemia is canser in the blood.Now I take care of my brothers and sisters all alone until my mother comes home recoverd from Leukemia. We dont have any family our a father so things are hard right now but .we belive god will get use pass this .Iwould like a live strong band to show ohers that they"re not alone.SO if you happen to have any more I would love one it would mean so much to me.If you dont have any more then thank you anyways and god blesse you..SUMMER

    333. Alexa said on 2004.12.01 at 02:33 pm

      i heard about black livestrong bracelets and wondered where you could get them at i have search the web and haven't found any so if u have any idea i would appreciate it a lot...Alexa

    334. ROBO said on 2004.12.01 at 04:24 pm

      fake or real

      Just wondering if anyone knew what the difference was between the livestrong bands when they are fake or real. I have seen ones on Ebay with and some without the Nike tick on the packaging, if anyone knows the difference could they please email me on Thanks lads and lasses

    335. keylee said on 2004.12.01 at 09:28 pm

      i just got a livestrong braclet and im so glad

    336. Tamara said on 2004.12.01 at 10:03 pm

      That was really nice of you where do you buy them?

    337. Jocelyn said on 2004.12.02 at 12:49 am

      OMG i cant find one!

      i really want one, but my parents just wont order them no matter what i say. ill even pay for all 10 of them! they say itll 'go out of fashion pretty soon' but its not the fashion, its the awareness. i just want one to support my good friend sarah, but i just cant seem to find a place that sells them. where should i get one thats real? i know dollar general has them but they are fake. i want a real one! please tell me where to find one!

    338. Nick said on 2004.12.02 at 04:36 pm

      can i get one for free?

      I was wondering if any body has extra livestrong wrist bands to give to me please!!!!

    339. David said on 2004.12.02 at 06:33 pm

      I WONT WON

      I would be vary happpy if i can git 5 of them

    340. Osman Arellano said on 2004.12.02 at 10:35 pm

      Hola, soy venezolano y me gustaria saber cuanto cuesta la banda y como puedo hacer para adquiriila

    341. michael said on 2004.12.03 at 08:59 pm

      i really want one because my grandfather has cancer in his knee

    342. dean said on 2004.12.04 at 12:26 am

      If anybody has just one Livestrong band they are willing to sell, please email me a

    343. Stacy said on 2004.12.04 at 02:51 pm

      Black Livestrong

      I don't believe they make any color other than yellow in the Livestrong. However, has their own, in black, supporting music. "All proceeds from the purchase of this bracelet benefit the Hot Topic Foundation, supporting youth programs for music and the arts."

    344. Brandy Little said on 2004.12.06 at 04:22 pm


      Everyone has a braclet and they are very cute!

    345. Brandy Little said on 2004.12.06 at 04:25 pm

      where can you find a Livestrong (yellow) braclet?

      Where can i find a yellow Livestrong braclet at? I really want one and i have no idea where everybody is getting theirs at! So if you can tell me contact me at

    346. Devan mccarty said on 2004.12.06 at 06:23 pm

      why don't you sell them any more

      I think you should sell livestrong bands at all stores even little ones like a dollar store. And you should reconsider making livestrong bands in different colors like pink and blue or purple any color

    347. Mitchell said on 2004.12.06 at 08:02 pm

      get some

      who has one

    348. jordin said on 2004.12.07 at 01:51 am

      got to have it

      i think there so cool

    349. ben robertson said on 2004.12.07 at 04:48 pm


      i want one all my friends have them

    350. Laura said on 2004.12.07 at 08:01 pm

      cancer bands

      Can someone please tell me what the different colours stand for?

    351. Jason said on 2004.12.08 at 02:34 am

      blue bracelets

      I just found out about the blue bracelets for the blood-related diseases, anyone know where I can get some at?

    352. maryjane said on 2004.12.08 at 03:14 am


      hey evreyone... well ill get to the point.. i wanna get the hendrick marroe and the adopt a soldier band.. i thikn them selling this is so great and is for a great cause.. and im am always helping.. so if oyu know any stores that sell any ...ANY bends at all in seattle then please email me...

    353. sara said on 2004.12.08 at 07:29 pm

      looking 4 braclets

      anybody know where i can get any of those braclets. i want the one for aids(red), support our troops(green), breast cancer (pink), the blue ones, the music supporting one( black), the child abuse ones (???), or any other ones? i already have a yellow cancer one but i think they're all really nice and hlp us get focused on the real problems in the world, any help would be apreciated lots... IM me at IWalkAlone030 if u have any info on new ones or where to get them

    354. Nicole said on 2004.12.08 at 08:11 pm

      livestrong wrist bands

      I really support our troops but when I had the money I did not think about the wrist bands but now that I think about it I really want to buy one of every color! I have been begging for one but I can't seem to get one I am getting one soon I support our troops fully so I am getting one of every color(or at least i am gonna try)I hope everyone supports our troops because they are fighting for us and risking there life to keep us safe and let us be free so buy the wrist bands and the stickers to show our troops that we care!

    355. brent stuekerjuergen said on 2004.12.08 at 08:43 pm

      livestrong rules ineed 4

      i understand the cause of LIVESTRONG wristbands greatly but i can't find any
      if there is any spare adult size livestrong bands ill buy 4

      brent stuekerjuergen REAL ONES PLEASE

    356. brent stuekerjuergen said on 2004.12.08 at 09:02 pm

      livestrong rules ineed 4

      i understand the cause of LIVESTRONG wristbands greatly but i can't find any
      if there is any spare adult size livestrong bands ill buy 4

      brent stuekerjuergen REAL ONES PLEASE

    357. Adam said on 2004.12.08 at 11:30 pm

      Does anybody have a baby blue band they are willing to give away?

    358. Nancy said on 2004.12.09 at 01:06 pm

      My freind gave me a bracelet for $1 and ever since I've had over 50 people have asked me where I got it from and i tell them so I will be buying some.

    359. brandy litte said on 2004.12.09 at 03:00 pm

      i found one!!!!!!!!!!!

      i found one! i found one!

    360. me said on 2004.12.09 at 08:01 pm

      I found one

    361. sadjgv said on 2004.12.09 at 08:01 pm


      P.S. please send 4

    362. LJCarr said on 2004.12.10 at 05:06 pm

      livestrong bands

      I have been looking everywhere!! I need some for some 10 and 11 year olds and some high school kids. Need about 20 to 24 bands. Can someone help me? Place to find any other colors also. Thanks.

    363. Jillian said on 2004.12.10 at 07:14 pm


      heyy !!
      welll my family started a foundation called the Elieen Stein Jacoby Fund and we have pink bracelets .. they have been such a big hitt !! they are 2 dollars a piece and 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research .. soo you can email my mom who is incharge of this and you can get all of the information .. in the subject of yur email write PINK BRACELETS.. ok her email andress is .. we just ordered in another 5,000 and they go by quick so hurry and email .. we have sold alredy over 50,000 bracelets .. ok well i hope you will email her .. thanks for supporting breast cancer .. !!

    364. katarina said on 2004.12.11 at 07:21 am


      don't get ur bands from eBay b/c most of them r fakes that the sellers make personal proffits off of and none of it will go to the lance armstrong foundation!!! Its really sickening to think ne1 would do that... also, the only official livestrong bracelets are only yellow...the ones on eBay that claim to be rare livestrong bracelets have nothing to do w/ livestrong...they might have something to do with some other foundation tho...but the ONLY official livestrongs are yellow. ne1 in the chattanooga, TN area can get livestrong wristbands at the build a bear in Hamilton Place Mall...i have twenty livestrongs but i can't send u guys ne b/c my 'rents won't let me do that kind of stuff...but anywayz good luck to all u ppl trying to find some!!

    365. Dudeosu said on 2004.12.11 at 02:51 pm

      I wounld like a Braclet.But i can not find them anywere

      Do any sell LiveStorng,i not't care what coler they are just what one.if anyone has some plz contact me at,

    366. Eric said on 2004.12.12 at 01:51 am


      If someone is selling a blue livestrong wristband plese let me know because i have been looking everywhere.If you also know somewhere i can get a blue livestrong wristband besides ebay let me know. thanks bye

    367. katarina said on 2004.12.12 at 02:20 pm

      to Nicole

      "I really support our troops but when I had the money I did not think about the wrist bands but now that I think about it I really want to buy one of every color! I have been begging for one but I can't seem to get one I am getting one soon I support our troops fully so I am getting one of every color(or at least i am gonna try)I hope everyone supports our troops because they are fighting for us and risking there life to keep us safe and let us be free so buy the wrist bands and the stickers to show our troops that we care!" Nicole, the livestrong writstbands are to help ppl with doesnt have n e thing to do with our troops

    368. keegan said on 2004.12.12 at 09:27 pm

      you are so kind

      you are so kind to do that. I`m getting my friends and family for Christmas.

    369. Nikki said on 2004.12.13 at 12:02 am

      GO TO...

      go to

    370. person said on 2004.12.13 at 03:54 pm

      where do u get them in the uk??

      can anyone tell me where to get the in the uk

    371. kayla said on 2004.12.14 at 12:04 am


      it makes me really mad when i see "gangstas" wearing them and they dont even know they mean! they think its a fashon statment and its ever upsetting..i am a fan of lance have been ever sence his frist win and my dad had cancer. its also staring to make me mad that now theres a bunch of nock offs i have the "support our troops" but thats also because my dad is in iraq right now.
      i just felt like telling people what i think about this and that i love lance!
      thank you for lisening to me complain
      have a nice day!!!!!

    372. Hay said on 2004.12.14 at 01:39 am

      please Send Me One Greatly apprechiated.

      Anyone have left over lot? I would like some please e-maol me at

    373. Linda said on 2004.12.14 at 11:35 am

      The Support the Troops bracelets can be purchases at Seven Eleven stores.

    374. rachel said on 2004.12.14 at 03:46 pm

      any one got any left? i have looked for them all over please let me know via e-mail

    375. cesar said on 2004.12.14 at 06:43 pm


      can somone please give me one in memory of my grandpa?{youth size} e-mail me at

    376. Lindsay said on 2004.12.14 at 09:04 pm

      this is a serious condition and i wear 2 of the LIVEStrong braclets to support this cancer and i hope anyone who has this serious ill condition i hope they get through it with the money raised through the selling of these braclets

    377. Vicky said on 2004.12.14 at 09:08 pm


      me ma wnt let me use er credit card 2 get 1 so if any1 as a spare 1 2 send me plz do thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    378. katarina said on 2004.12.14 at 09:59 pm

      u kin get the support our troops band at kroger...and the official livestrong at build a bear,,, and Nike outlets, altho i dont think nike carries them ne more but don't listen to me because thats just because our nike doesnt have them.

    379. jillian said on 2004.12.14 at 11:29 pm


      hey if anyone has an extra bracelet email me please i have wanted one for so long and i live in alaska and they are beyone sold out up here... i'll buy it off you!!! please :) thanks! my email is

    380. jamie said on 2004.12.15 at 01:32 am


      If anyone has any pink, green, orange, red, blue, purple, dark blue, or any other color of one except yellow i might buy one that is one of these colors mentioned. The highest price ill pay for ONE is $1.00 like they are everywhere else besides eBay.

    381. arch said on 2004.12.15 at 11:07 am

      if anyone can send me a livestrong band, then i will give them a gmail invite?(gmail is the new email that google have taken out: 1gb storage space and up to 10mb worth of attachments.)

    382. Kelli said on 2004.12.15 at 07:41 pm

      I found the yellow braclets at Build a bear and the pink ones at Younkers. If you have these stores where you live. I wish I could share my email I would be happy to get them for you. Try AIM nellibells2002

    383. Dylan said on 2004.12.17 at 01:05 am

      i have about 5 or 6

      Guys Im me on Aim at IDontKnowMe1992
      i have abotu five or six not sure yet, i got 10 different colors on right now but im plz anytime i'm always on

    384. Dylan said on 2004.12.17 at 01:10 am


      i got black,red&white&blue,pink,SOP,green,robin egg blue,redish pink,white(u have to be a virgo) light purple and 2 yellows(Adult)

    385. James said on 2004.12.17 at 06:55 pm

      u guys...these things r not fashion statements... its for a real cause... yea so if ne1 can get me a blue one...i think those would look good for my

    386. Doyle said on 2004.12.19 at 01:40 am

      i really like heath bars

      heath bars are really good!
      my best friend tayler would really like a pink livestrong braclet so yeah please give me one!
      thank you..
      Happy Holidays!
      Yo Joost are you a principle at a middle school called Freedom Middle School!?

    387. Doyle said on 2004.12.19 at 01:41 am

      i really like heath bars

      so do any of you guys live in Bakersfield, California?
      i do.

    388. Kenda said on 2004.12.19 at 10:54 pm

      Where are they??

      The green, blue, purple, and yellow ones. Where are they??

      P.S Not from the internet

    389. Dylan said on 2004.12.19 at 11:25 pm

      yo ppl

      People, good lord, can you all even TRY to ask me if i got any i got like 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 extra yellow(Youths)

    390. Hannah said on 2004.12.20 at 12:00 pm

      Livestrong ROCKS

      These wrist bands are so awsome! I think everyone should have one. Who knows where I can get other cancer bands? Thanks!

      Pray and Praise the Lord!

    391. lizzie said on 2004.12.21 at 06:00 pm

      does anyone know where i can get one apart from on the internet can u get them in sports shops

    392. Bay said on 2004.12.21 at 09:48 pm

      Lance Fan

      I have a few more Livestrong bands left, they are the REAL ones bands from LAF and are for a good cause. $5 each and I will include a Lance postcard for each band ordered.

    393. Jessiac said on 2004.12.21 at 10:07 pm


      does anyone know what each meaning for each colour is?
      more imporantly, orange.
      i just got an orange one today, and dont know what it means.

    394. Shashank Lal said on 2004.12.23 at 10:30 am

      I really want a livestrong band, so if anyone has one i would love to trade it for a gmail invitation. Gmail is the new e-mail from google and they offer you with 1000 mb of web space. You can send practically anything via gmail since you get so much space, imagine sending videos, high memory photos and even mp3's.
      If anyone can give me a adult livestrong band I will send them a personal gmail invitation to their current email provider address.

    395. valentina854 said on 2004.12.24 at 02:51 pm

      lots of livestrong

      i hav lots of livestrongs e mail me if u want one

    396. Shashank Lal said on 2004.12.24 at 10:46 pm

      Hi I tried e mailing you but delivery failure message comes up saying is not a valid e mail address.

      So, can you e mail me to bout the bands

    397. Allison said on 2004.12.25 at 01:52 pm


      These bracelets are really cool. I have the yellow one right now, but I would like to have some of the other color bracelets such as pink, purple, and green. Can anyone tell me where to get them besides the Inernet??

    398. courtney said on 2004.12.26 at 12:02 am


      recently in new york a man died because when these braclets were made noone though yellow is the color of a dnr braclet so the man’s braclet made a misunderstanding with the firefighters so i think that it is a nice idea for support but the bracelts should be a different color so if you’re sick or go to the hospital or even just in the car take off your braclet because you could end up dead tommorow. thank you for your time

    399. Shashank said on 2004.12.26 at 12:15 am

      Hi I tried e mailing you but delivery failure message comes up saying is not a valid e mail address.

      So, can you e mail me to bout the bands

    400. Reeses said on 2004.12.27 at 01:08 am

      LaNcE iS aWeSoMe

      Hey… the livestrong bands are awesome and i would like to have a breast cancer one also… so if anyone has one hook me up please… i would also like a loyalty one … so again if u have one hook me up…. THANKS

    401. mackenzie said on 2004.12.27 at 03:27 pm


      hey all, i kno wat the cause is to the bracelet and i relllllllllly want one, my cousin and my bffl has cancer in her knee and i rely wanna show her i support her!!! so please n e 1 whos got some extra 1z email me and let me kno if u gotz n e extraz..i love my cousin so much and i dont wana lose her…please donate…please!!! :-(

    402. stifflack said on 2004.12.28 at 12:09 am

      hey guys, i’ve got lots of livestrong band left, both youth and adult size…… anybody interest plz e-mail me, just to remind, my bands are of YELLOW only

    403. Chetan said on 2004.12.28 at 02:04 pm

      Hi, stifflack can you please send me a band. My email is, ill even send you a gmail invite!

    404. Lauren said on 2004.12.29 at 12:21 pm

      Where i Can i Find the Nike baller Wrist Bands

      Can someone please e-mail me if they know the site i can find those.


    405. coral said on 2004.12.30 at 12:12 pm

      i know where to buy them!!!

      hiya everyone,my yellow livestrong band came today,i ordered it on sunday from it is brand new and im also waiting for a pink one to come.just type livestrong in the search bar and theres loads of different colours comes up,blue,pink,yellow,white,clear,glow in the dark,rainbow etc.all are new and you can also buy the link to a site where you can get as many as you want for $1 each!so then you can sell them to friends family etc.if you need any more help plz im me at lilmisscheeky04 on aol or email me at thanx from coral

    406. mari said on 2005.01.03 at 11:49 pm

      any color bracelet

      if you know were to get any color bracelet e-mail me thanks

    407. mark said on 2005.01.04 at 10:14 am


      I got one. my uncle gave it to me. his sister got them from america as she lives there. i am only 14 and am wearing an adult one. is it supposed to be that baggy? Can you wear it in the shower? will i grow into it?

    408. Andy said on 2005.01.04 at 09:32 pm


      Ya i have about every color of the livestrongs that are out right now if anyone wants one just IM me at psycokilla411. And i will sell them to you at a reasonable price. BETTER HURRY THEY SELL QUICK!!!!!!!!!

    409. Jason Hurril said on 2005.01.05 at 01:45 pm


      PLZ PLZ PLZ send me 1 of them livestrong bands as my cousin has jus died of cancer in the mouth. i want to support the fund and have given donations but i still cant find newhere that sells them and i dont have a credit card and so i cant buy 1 off the inet

    410. Unown said on 2005.01.05 at 09:40 pm

      Anybody want to give out a free one? I was tricked into buying a fake one… :-(

    411. Unown said on 2005.01.05 at 09:40 pm

      Anybody want to give out a free one? I was tricked into buying a fake one… :-(

    412. Halogirl7 said on 2005.01.05 at 09:52 pm

      Other than ebay, were do u find livestrong bands (only 1) for a dollor a piece and little or no shipping cost?

    413. Halogirl7 said on 2005.01.05 at 09:52 pm

      If anyone was wandering, Nike store and the discovery store have livestrong bands.Somewere i heard you could also get them at Foot locker.

    414. Robyn said on 2005.01.06 at 04:09 pm

      some kinda cancer band?

      If any one is nice they well give me a …some kinda cancer band email us choz!

    415. Matt said on 2005.01.06 at 06:53 pm

      All you Lance fans need help. Do you even realize what kind of person he really is? Any man who leaves his wife and children, and disowns his faith after such a miraculous recovery is a FOOL!!! Lance Armstrong is one of the worst examples I could ever imagine to be held up so high! If you people really want to support cancer survivors, burn your stupid yellow bracelets and pray for the people who have cancer!

    416. Matt said on 2005.01.06 at 06:53 pm

      All you Lance fans need help. Do you even realize what kind of person he really is? Any man who leaves his wife and children, and disowns his faith after such a miraculous recovery is a FOOL!!! Lance Armstrong is one of the worst examples I could ever imagine to be held up so high! If you people really want to support cancer survivors, burn your stupid yellow bracelets and pray for the people who have cancer!

    417. meghan Bravo said on 2005.01.06 at 07:34 pm

      I GOT LOts

      I got 21 and all u idiots who cant find livestrong braclets/baller bandstjust look around i got all these and they are all diffrent i even got a rainbow one !!
    418. shashank said on 2005.01.07 at 11:06 am


    419. megan said on 2005.01.07 at 05:15 pm

      Live strong

      where can i get live strong bands from in watford or around that area!! email me back asap!! cause i wanna help!!

    420. megsta said on 2005.01.07 at 05:35 pm


      where can i buy a livestrong from a shop in watford??? email me asap!! i wanna donate money!!

    421. Lu said on 2005.01.07 at 07:11 pm


      I feel so sorry for you people- you go crazy for this ‘fashion accessory’ and half of you cretins don’t care about what the cause is, or where you buy them from(because if u buy them off someone for an extortionate amount the charity isn’t exactly going to get it are they?) Re-think your ignorance, this is materialism gone mad.

    422. dfwhackamole said on 2005.01.07 at 07:39 pm

      live stong

      i know were you can order them just go to

    423. Jenny said on 2005.01.07 at 08:46 pm

      My friends has 45 different bands

      Ok she has 2 livestrongs, and 1 of everything else! her arm isd full of these racelts. she has on for tobbaco, breast cancer, diabetes, tumors, everything and she has nike ones! (adidas) she has a greeen, blue, black, white, red, orange, gray, rainbow, glittern What color doesn’t she have! I sell some if you want any you can contact me I sell Will powers for breast cancer for 2.00! bi

    424. Halogirl7 said on 2005.01.08 at 08:38 pm

      If you dont know what livestrong bands are for then dont buy em!

    425. hannah,beth,kath said on 2005.01.10 at 11:00 am

      live strong

      we want them so bad can’t find them if we xcan they are about £5, any one got any e_mail me

    426. hannah,beth,kath said on 2005.01.10 at 11:00 am

      live strong

      we want them so bad can’t find them if we xcan they are about £5, any one got any e_mail me

    427. martina said on 2005.01.11 at 03:47 am


      please every one stop bing so mean … we are not all fashion crazed, my father just got lung cancer i wont one because i belive the he will live stong and i would ike it to be a reminder of how lucky i am to have such great doctors thus far ….. watch your words and be kind you dont know every person’s motives for the yellow!

      so if anyone has them please let me know i have already ordered 10 from but i want one soon so i can wear it when my dad gets out of the hopital! thanks co much

    428. wen said on 2005.01.11 at 07:29 am


      Where do the ‘made in china’ words appear in the real ones? And how do the typeset of the ‘livestrong’ words in fake bands differ from the real deal?

    429. wen said on 2005.01.11 at 07:29 am


      Where do the ‘made in china’ words appear in the real ones? And how do the typeset of the ‘livestrong’ words in fake bands differ from the real deal?

    430. Peter said on 2005.01.12 at 11:44 am

      plz can i have a live strong band i would really like to help u support all the people and i think this is a great idea, thank you.

    431. crahoi said on 2005.01.12 at 12:25 pm

      need 2 youth braclets

      If anyone has two youth bands I need them for my niece and nephew. If you can help Thanks in advance.

    432. Shashank said on 2005.01.12 at 04:27 pm


    433. David Hobbs said on 2005.01.14 at 09:06 pm

      Livestrongs for sale

      I have only a few adult sized genuine yellow livestrong bands for sale, in their original packaging for people in the UK.

      I can only accept postal orders or cash sent via post sorry, but delivery will be speedy.

      Email me: for more info

    434. Simon Betty said on 2005.01.15 at 04:03 pm

      hi, i live in the UK and i am after 2-3 authentic bands and i was wondering Dave so you still have some please e-mail me with prices Thanks

    435. Ryan Gallagher said on 2005.01.15 at 04:47 pm


      hey Dave i was lookin 2 purchase a braclet i sent u an email, so get back 2 me if u can, thanks

    436. ellis said on 2005.01.16 at 08:28 am

      I really want a livestrong cancer band!

      I really want one to show i support. Lots of people have been wearing them and i have where they got them and they said i dont know! If you know where i can get one for a reasonable price can you email me at Thank you!

    437. Shashank said on 2005.01.16 at 10:18 am


    438. David Hobbs said on 2005.01.16 at 12:04 pm

      About my livestrong bands i’ve mentioned…

      I only have a few left so if you want them you must order one off me pretty soon.

    439. mari said on 2005.01.17 at 03:36 am

      i need help on buying one

      i want to buy sum but i dont have a credit card to buy them!!can i buy one from some one with cash! if i do buy it off someone it has to be sumbody in california!plz can someone get one for me i have been trying to save up to just buy ONE>!
    440. mari said on 2005.01.17 at 05:53 pm

      PLZ I WANT ONE>!


    441. Sheree said on 2005.01.18 at 03:58 pm

      Hi, My boyfriends mother has cancer and has less than a year to live. We are all taking things the best we can and its really hard on everything, my boyfriends changed and theres always an upset atmosphere, but i’m sticking by him in every way possible. I want a yellow band to support cancer so that my boyfriends mother can have the best treatment possible before she passes away, so at least she doesn’t pass away in too much pain. I only need two of these wristbands so if anybody would like to sell them to me for a reasonable price i would be so happy if you could do so.Please e-mail me.Thank you

    442. Kate said on 2005.01.18 at 09:56 pm

      I think most of you lot are really selfish yeah these bands are really cool but they are there to raise money for a good cause!! It seems most of you have forgoten that and want them purely for your own image. Yeah I would like one too but not when I feel the money won’t contribute to the appeal but just to your own pockets!!

    443. Alyssa said on 2005.01.19 at 09:49 am

      livestrong braclates

      I love live strong braclets! I think it’s a cool way to raise money for cancer!

    444. lorilee said on 2005.01.20 at 01:35 pm


      hey yall if you could please donate 1 of any of the bands i would greatly appreciate if you would like to donate some then please email me at thank you for your time

    445. kirstie said on 2005.01.20 at 02:46 pm

      hi has any1 got a livestrong wristband cuz bout 2 yrs ago i had cancer bt was lucky n survived n i wud really like 1 cuz i want 2 show my appeciation cuz ov wot they did 4 me pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    446. Lalis said on 2005.01.20 at 03:38 pm

      i wondered were you can get a breast cancer band, not a pink LIVESTRONG one as they are fake?!?!?

    447. LILB said on 2005.01.21 at 12:37 am


      Hey I have a bunch of them differnent colors ones that say different things and i can get them with your name on it

    448. laura said on 2005.01.21 at 08:22 am

      livestrong bands

      i really need to get hold of a small batch of the livetrong bands.a 5-10 would be perfect as my mates and i are really trying to get some but can’t get any. Has anyone get any i can buy at a reasonable price

    449. lalis said on 2005.01.21 at 09:33 am

      hi i just wondered if some one would be willing to send me a YELLOW LIVESTRONG BAND,or A TSUNAMI BAND??

    450. Joel said on 2005.01.22 at 09:28 am

      livestrong wristband

      i really need one of those wristbands so could you send me one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz email me if you can

    451. Shashank said on 2005.01.22 at 10:36 am



    452. kim said on 2005.01.22 at 09:07 pm


      wow, some people are just buying them because everybody has one. some people should open their eyes and realize the cause of these bracelets, it’s not for you to be more fashionable or fit in with the crowd, people are so desperate for one because everybody else has one that they are willing to pay anything, why not just buy from the foundation and wait patiently, if you dont then you are mostly likely just trying to be in style like everybody else, isn’t it a good cause that your donating money for a good cause? if it took a bracelet for people to donate then that’s just wrong

    453. jake said on 2005.01.24 at 07:47 pm

      Look to

      OK everyone, if you look at the foundation web site you can order 10 bands for 10 bucks (+ shipping).

      I’d suggest doing this as they are definitely the real thing, and as cheap as you can get. As of checking right now, there is no 3-4 week delay anymore on the bands.

      If you can’t order yourself, ask your parents. And then hand them out to all the other people you know who still want them.

    454. Shashank said on 2005.01.25 at 05:36 am



    455. Harriet said on 2005.01.25 at 08:35 pm

      I NEED

      i really want one please!

    456. Carin Walker said on 2005.01.25 at 08:42 pm

      cancer wristbands

      i think that your company should let your customers have the bracelets by letting them pay you cash or check because i think that as long as your company is paid on time then it shouldn’t matter!

    457. paul said on 2005.01.26 at 09:49 pm

      hi ppl my auntie has just recently survived breast cancer.fortunately it was caught at the earlier really is a terrible disease…does any1 have 2 spare bands to give me and my brother to support the people and their families who werent so lucky! : (

    458. harpal singh said on 2005.01.28 at 02:18 pm

      i want one

      i really need one ive been looking everywhere thanks

    459. Ash said on 2005.01.28 at 06:21 pm

      Fake livestrong

      i just bought one of the yellow livestrong bands but saw an orange one on ebay. Are ther any fake bands and if there is, how can you tell?

    460. lewis said on 2005.01.29 at 08:07 am

      does anyone have one to give to me please everyones got one

    461. chelsea said on 2005.01.30 at 07:49 pm

      hey everyone i have a pink one that is real it says livestrong on it but i dont have a yellow on esum1 plz email me if u r giving away yellow ones or another other colored ones thank u email me at i went to the flee market and bought mine fer a $1 they had blue and purple ones too!! email me asap

    462. Alex said on 2005.01.30 at 09:52 pm


      heyy i have a yellow one and a pink one that says slam dunk but where do i get like the blue, green, red and other shades of pink ones??? plzzzzz help e-mail me at!!

    463. Alex said on 2005.01.30 at 09:52 pm


      heyy i have a yellow one and a pink one that says slam dunk but where do i get like the blue, green, red and other shades of pink ones??? plzzzzz help e-mail me at!!

    464. GABRIELA said on 2005.01.31 at 09:27 pm


      Why there are a lot of colors of bands? are real?

    465. Russell Sloan said on 2005.02.03 at 10:14 pm

      What company makes them

      I need to know what company makes them

    466. shrelo said on 2005.02.04 at 08:36 pm

      hey i got a live strong bracelet for £3 that liek 6 bucks expensive innit lol i hope all yo other dudes get sum buy now

    467. Stacey Little said on 2005.02.05 at 03:42 pm

      Pink Livestrong Bands

      Has ne1 got a pink livestrong band that they are willing to sell? plz contact me. many thanks

    468. Jessica said on 2005.02.05 at 10:53 pm

      Need livestrong braclets!

      If anyone has a pink, purple,or blue. i am willing to buy one for $2 or $1!!E-mail me!!

    469. Aaron toman said on 2005.02.06 at 05:24 pm

      I would love a band all my friends HAVE 1 and i think they are a great job THANKS!!!!!

    470. Frankie said on 2005.02.07 at 07:33 pm

      Hey like most of you guys i’m struggling to find a yellow livestrong wristband. The LAF site wont accept my card and i dnt wanna resort to ebay any1 got any ideas!!

    471. Jayme said on 2005.02.08 at 03:56 pm

      go to wear you can buy then only in sets of ten but the have the youth ones also

    472. Kev said on 2005.02.08 at 04:42 pm

      Hello cud some 1 plz tell me wat the blue Livestrong Band stands for?

    473. Kev said on 2005.02.08 at 04:42 pm

      Hello cud some 1 plz tell me wat the blue Livestrong Band stands for?

    474. Kev said on 2005.02.08 at 04:42 pm

      Hello cud some 1 plz tell me wat the blue Livestrong Band stands for?

    475. Amber said on 2005.02.11 at 07:41 pm


      i have been searching all day i can’t find any 4 1.00. but i think i’m going 2 buye a bunch an sell them

      thanl you
    476. we tard said on 2005.02.11 at 08:45 pm

      i like chicken more than u

      i bet i like chicken more than u because i work at jewel osco and they have frash chicken so i can eat fresher than that fat guy at sub way can

    477. *15*.:.ShOrTiE.:.*15* said on 2005.02.11 at 11:31 pm

      How can I customize my own bands … i want them to say differnet things on different colors? can u help ?

    478. Runa said on 2005.02.13 at 01:51 pm

      Hey hey… Here is a site that sells Livestrong wristband : … Yo Kev, I think the blue one stands for Serenity…

    479. Terry said on 2005.02.14 at 02:47 am

      are there any stores still selling them or are they only available online now?

    480. luca said on 2005.02.14 at 08:40 pm

      wrist bands

      i have a blue beat bullying band and yellow livestrong band!!!!!

    481. Elise said on 2005.02.14 at 09:25 pm

      Where to Buy Livestrong Bracelets

      I really want to find a Livestrong braceto wear and I want to help people with cancer. Please e-mail me back.

    482. rebecca sadeghian said on 2005.02.16 at 03:02 pm


      i realy want a free livestrong band and i cant fined one any where can you help me

    483. Lucecai said on 2005.02.16 at 10:07 pm


      I brought 5 of them and I gave them out to my friends 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    484. ema said on 2005.02.19 at 10:05 am

      you can get them from loads of places just search on google or something. but dont get them of ebay they cost a fortune n dont help the cause. i have a pink cancer band

    485. dan said on 2005.02.19 at 02:02 pm

      livestrong bands

      has any one got any free livestrong braclets email me on cheers.

    486. Ruth Oakes said on 2005.02.19 at 05:38 pm

      I need to find a shop in St Helens which sells these bands I want 2 support but I can’t find the shops!!!

    487. Shawna Bouchelle said on 2005.02.19 at 06:51 pm


      i want just 1 but not 10

    488. ashley fisher said on 2005.02.20 at 07:08 pm

      i have pink cancer bands

      i have lots of sealed livestrong pink cancer bands

    489. kaitlyn said on 2005.02.20 at 10:30 pm

      livestrong bracelets

      you can buy them at the nike outlet:)

    490. lyndsay said on 2005.02.23 at 02:15 pm

      charity wristbands

      to anybody who has them and wants to sell them i really want 1 it can be a pink one or a yellow or black and white. please e-mail i really want one and i will be buy one off you for a reasonable price plzzzz!!!
      i live in the uk

    491. rohannah said on 2005.02.23 at 02:15 pm

      can anyone sell me the yellow wristband

      i would really like a yellow band please inm willing to pay upto £10 please if you arte selling sell it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    492. Elizabeth said on 2005.02.28 at 04:50 am

      I want to get more of the bracelet. But if any body know where i can get it cheper. I also want to know it any one knows about a store in the bay area that sells the bracelet.
      plase e-mail at

    493. rebecca said on 2005.02.28 at 04:01 pm


      i got one off ebay and i love barrie thornham

    494. lacey said on 2005.03.01 at 04:13 pm

      where do i get the livestrong bands from

      please email back a.s.a.p

    495. Ambre Richey said on 2005.03.03 at 12:38 am

      free bracelet! :)

      i was wondering if you still had one free bracelet.? Please e-mail me and let me know! thank you!
      Love in Christ,

    496. Jade Louth said on 2005.03.06 at 06:44 pm

      free livestrong band

      i was wondering if you had one free wristband?please email me and let me know!thank you

    497. quique said on 2005.03.06 at 09:44 pm

      one livestrong

      i want one livestron

    498. Trey Barrowman said on 2005.03.08 at 11:48 pm

      I want a livestrong bracelet

      I have been wanting to get a livestrong bracelet… just one problem that you also figured out… they sell them in 10’s and 100’s

    499. Simon Crowther said on 2005.03.09 at 05:30 pm

      please can i have one

      please could someone email me saying theyll give me one and ill give you my adress thanks. p.s i am good looking

    500. Tuhin Bathia said on 2005.03.09 at 07:40 pm

      i want wristbands

      please can sum1 sell me two wristbands please? livestrong ones, one adult and one youth, if sum1 would be kind enough to sell me one, pease e- mail me at, ive been trying to get one for ages, thanks a lot!

    501. Tuhin Bathia said on 2005.03.09 at 07:44 pm

      /\/\ continued from above /\/

      p.s: i live in England, so not if you’re too far please, thanks.

    502. Rhyannon said on 2005.03.12 at 02:36 am

      THANK YOU LANCE !!!!!!

      Thank you Lance Armstrong! My little brother, who is three was just diagnosed w/ Advanced Adult Myelocetic Leukemia. You have given my whole family hope. Thank you for being so strong. Love Rhyannon Lenci *=

    503. nick said on 2005.03.12 at 04:19 am
      just go there… support livestrong… dont get it for the wrong reasons….

    504. nick said on 2005.03.12 at 04:20 am

      or go to a niketown location…

    505. Alyssa said on 2005.03.12 at 06:15 pm

      I love these braclets

      Hey, if anyone has any yellow livestrong braclets please let me now because my great grandma and grandpa died of cancer and strokes. If you could please let me know. If you sell them for free that would be great but if you sell them for money let me know how much and I will e-mail you back if I want it. Thanks.

    506. shannon said on 2005.03.13 at 07:55 pm


      if anyone has two yellow livestrong bracelets i would really love it if you could contact me you can instant message me at, thanks

    507. paz said on 2005.03.14 at 04:06 pm


      i cant get a yellow livestrong band or a beat bullying band anywhere. Is there any 1 who cud sell me 1 plz.

    508. Morgan said on 2005.03.17 at 11:23 pm

      live strong braslet

      I got a braslet?

    509. ella said on 2005.03.20 at 02:37 am

      livestrong bracelets

      i have a livestrong bracelet and so do most of my friends and family.
      you can buy them at
      or on ebay. be careful of the coloured ones that say liveSTRONG these are fake ones and they do not actually support the cause, they are just mimicks of the real ones. Nike and LAF only make the liveSTRONG bracelets in yellow. to the people that want pink ones, has them in the women’s department. also google it instead of whining here!

    510. Vaqaas said on 2005.03.22 at 02:36 pm

      Need one

      Where can you buy the black and white bands that are joined.Can i have shop names please


    511. Vaqaas said on 2005.03.22 at 02:39 pm

      Need one

      Wear can you buy the black and white bands that are joined.Can i have shop names pleas


    512. Cassidy said on 2005.03.22 at 10:49 pm

      i want one

      i am collecting the braslets and i missed out when everyone was buying them so if you know where i can get 1 please contact me at

    513. Gavin said on 2005.03.23 at 11:06 am


      Please give me one will go for a resonable price.I live in Northern Ireland and despratly want one! email me at

    514. Kristina said on 2005.03.24 at 02:34 pm

      Aids Wrist bands

      I am looking to get an aids awareness wristband and i’ve been searching online. I have founds a ton of websites that carry them, but they do not donate the profits…does anybody know where i can purchase the red aids wristband so that my money goes to a donation?

    515. Kristina said on 2005.03.24 at 02:34 pm

      Aids Wrist bands

      I am looking to get an aids awareness wristband and i’ve been searching online. I have founds a ton of websites that carry them, but they do not donate the profits…does anybody know where i can purchase the red aids wristband so that my money goes to a donation?

    516. yuriridia alicia herrera flores said on 2005.03.24 at 08:47 pm


      quieroi una

    517. randy said on 2005.03.28 at 12:10 am

      Just like the “support our troops” ribbon, I have always wondered how the owner of the yellow bracelet helps with the battle against cancer. Does the wearer not use tobacco products and encourage others to refrain from using them? Does the wearer abstain from having that must have tan each summer and warn others of the harmful effects of the sun? Does the wearer fight cancer by having a proper diet and a regular exercise program and encourage other to do the same? Does the wearer fight cancer by avoiding risk factors where possible and by getting regular checkups, so that if cancer develops, it is likely to be found early? Or does the wearer simply fight cancer by purchasing the yellow wrist band that is popular “this week” or “this year”. Their yellow wristband is only going to give the wearer the false sense that their actions have contributed to the fight against cancer but if they truly want to fight and beat cancer it is going to take a life style change not a wrist accessory change.

    518. amna said on 2005.03.29 at 10:39 am

      i want a yellow livestrong band:D

      if ne 1 has a yellow livestrong band n is willin 2 sell it 2 me 4 unda £2 plz email me


    519. Ryan said on 2005.03.31 at 12:29 am

      Can you save on for me!

      I lost my old one and needa new one.

    520. Cookie said on 2005.03.31 at 05:09 pm


      please if you have a livestrong band or a bully band please email me at thanx

    521. Cookie said on 2005.03.31 at 05:09 pm


      please if you have a livestrong band or a bully band please email me at thanx

    522. amanda said on 2005.04.02 at 07:16 am


      I have a yellow livestrong wristband and i dont know whether its a fake as it does have made in china on the back but the livestrong writing on the front is all in bold, but i have seen others with the live in thinner writing and the strong in bolder writing. Are either of these fake???

    523. mackenzie said on 2005.04.03 at 09:09 pm


      hi, my cousin and best friend has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and i want to show her i support her, could you please send a band of any kind really, but i really would like one of the Target Breast Cancer ones, if you would please send some my way, it would be a great help, and i would show some support to my cousin, thanks for your time reading this have a nice day!

    524. mackenzie said on 2005.04.03 at 09:13 pm


      btw send them/ information to thanks!

    525. AMber said on 2005.04.06 at 12:21 am


      i have like 10 that are fake. the money does not go any were, just 2 the store. some just say like…… LOVE, HOPE, FAITH. stuff like that.

      your truly,


    526. Mish said on 2005.04.07 at 02:10 pm


      You can buy the racism ones in england for £1.50 in JJB sports and you can get d livestrong ones off ebay or in america:D

    527. annie said on 2005.04.10 at 01:44 pm

      I got one. ha ha ha

    528. annie said on 2005.04.10 at 01:45 pm

      sorry make that 2

    529. Jack said on 2005.04.12 at 12:32 pm

      direct from source

      I ordered my bands straight from the LiveStrong site and it took less than a week to get my 10. No use going through Ebay

    530. ethan brackett said on 2005.04.16 at 05:52 pm

      pink brest cancer braclet

      i know were u can get them at west town mall in knoxville tennessee i hav 2. i no im a guy but pink is the best!!!

    531. James said on 2005.04.17 at 04:52 am

      I also would like to have a band if anyone, does anyone have an extra?

    532. JD said on 2005.04.23 at 12:06 pm






    533. Erika said on 2005.04.25 at 04:54 pm


      My fiance bought my LiveStrong band at the Nike Store in Miami. I know they are always carrying alot in hand. If you have one in your hometown you should check it out. He got his in Jan and mine in March and they still keep them in stock.

    534. hema said on 2005.04.30 at 10:29 am

      free beat bullying band

      i really wanted one of the bands because everyone in my school had them and it prevents bullying.

    535. Guillermo said on 2005.05.07 at 02:08 pm

      True or Flase?

      It is true that there is a new RED livestrong bracelet and is made bye LAF or by NIKE?

      Please e-mail me back at

    536. Matthew said on 2005.05.14 at 10:41 am

      Livestrong bands

      If you still have them email me back i realy want one i am willing to pay up to 50p for one! Email me at

    537. sad said on 2005.05.24 at 08:59 pm

      sup peeps i got 20 wristbands! but u guys aint getten no fricken rubber band! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    538. Christina said on 2005.05.25 at 10:27 am


      If Anyone Wants To By Some Of Me For £2 Each!Bargain!If You do Contact And Put Subject As Livestrong!Quick,They Will Sell Out Fast And I Only Have About 10!

    539. tyler said on 2005.05.26 at 08:15 pm

      i need one of them so bad holly crap like omg i cna seen to get one anywhere

    540. Tyler said on 2005.05.26 at 08:17 pm


      oh ya like email me if anyone cna get one for me PLZ

    541. George D. said on 2005.06.01 at 06:26 pm


      to everybody talking about the wristbands that sa live strong but are not yellow they are fake!
      the y look very real i have even seen one of them.
      but LAF sued the people and got money
      off the people who made them
      yes they look very real.
      but news flash. THEY’RE NOT!

    542. Tyler said on 2005.06.04 at 12:17 am

      I really need a LiveStrong Band!!!

      Im like the only one at my skool without a LiveStrong Band. And I cant find one ANYWHERE!!!
      Please if any1 can give me one, please do.
      (im really the only one at my skool without a livestrong band

    543. abby said on 2005.06.07 at 11:32 pm

      i whant a red livestrong band

      if you have a extra red livestrong band that you don’t whant please e-mail me at thank you very much!!!!.

    544. Johhny D. said on 2005.06.21 at 01:14 am

      Wow are you people pathetic. The real bands are found at nike outlets or from the LAF online, its not really that difficult. Its also pretty pathetic how kids are just buying them to be cool or cause everyone at your little high school wears one. Its dis-respectful to real people who are suffering from cancer and their family members. Get a life you MTV enduced punks. Oh yeah… your also dumb as hell if you pay some idiot $10 for one. I’m selling bands on my website that say GET A LIFE and I’M A LOSER…available in all colors. I’m donating the money to the incredibly stupid foundation.

    545. kira said on 2005.06.26 at 09:44 pm

      Well, to all the ppl that complain that others are just wearing them to be in style are being kinda selfish as well I mean some ppl may like the bracelet for how it looks but the funny thing is the money is still going to the cause and thats the important thing. Were people we buy things that we think are cool if there was a pair of shoes that we all liked and the money went towards a cancer or w/e cause and only the ppl that supported the cause could say they only deserve them and the clueless ppl didnt deserve them is like descrimination so wuit complaining the money is still going to hte cause………………

    546. Johhny D. said on 2005.06.27 at 02:45 pm

      Learn how to spell before you add comments. And it isn’t discrimination, don’t disrespect people that really experience discrimination by saying people who wear the bands to be cool are discriminated. That is just ridiculous. And you can’t tell me it isn’t ridiculous when you see some kid with 6 rubber bands on each arm, who doesn’t even know what AIDS/ Cancer/ Breast Cancer or whatever else the bands stand for is or how its contracted. And to those whom wear them to be cool, your still just a poser, and you know it.

    547. Joanna said on 2005.06.27 at 08:45 pm


      Christina you are selling the livestrong bands and i want one so please im me at

    548. Billy Z said on 2005.06.28 at 12:31 am

      I agree, it is stupid how kids are using it as a fashion trend. It’s even worse when you pay for them on ebay, it totally throws the point of charity out the window. Being the only kid at school without one is not a reason to get the band. I’ll happily donate money to the incredible stupid fondation, because those kids are. Hopefully the oney will buy them a brain.

    549. Rebecca Bon said on 2005.07.08 at 02:10 am


      Please Please Please can someone tell me where I can get one as my personal trainer had the exact same cancer as Lance and I would like to support the cause. If someone could let me know as soon as possible!!!!!!!!
      (my email is:

    550. Olivia said on 2005.07.20 at 03:09 pm

      I just bought one that says it is made in Taiwan but my friend has one that is made in China. I got mine from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Does anyone know which one is real? If you do email me at

    551. Marcus Black said on 2005.07.23 at 12:51 am

      The Nike stores also sell the authentic band that’s made in
      Taiwan. The companhy must have switched producers of the band because of the increase in demands.
      The first batch was made in

    552. symba said on 2005.07.26 at 07:40 pm

      LiveSTRONG Bands

      My family and I been wanting one of those bracelets to support my cousin but we can’t find any place that has those bracelets if u can help plz tellme my e-mail is i live in lasalle

    553. pamela Davies said on 2005.08.10 at 11:37 pm

      free bracets

      I like to find free any rubber bracets catalog thank you

    554. James said on 2005.08.11 at 02:33 pm

      my mom jus came back from vegas…they have these braclets there…a HUGE bin of the…HUGE HUGE and they r 1$ each…this bin is HUGE in the nike store……this should help all of u ppl asking where to find them

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