1. Dashboard

    brian on 2004.06.30
    at 04:58 pm

    If Dashboard was influenced by Konfabulator, then Konfabulator was certainly influenced by Desktop Ornaments.

    But all great artists are at least cognizant of what work other artists are producing. So let's leave it at "everyone influences everyone." It's a free market after all. Despite "free" RSS in Safari, I will remain an ardent, paying supporter of NetNewsWire. Hopefully Brent will be inspired by the new focus on RSS by the big guys. Like his software work, he just gets it.

    The sky is not falling. However, Dave Hyatt has this to say about his role in Dashboard, it uses the "full power of WebKit behind each one... CSS2, DOM2, JS, HTML, XMLHttpRequest, Flash, Quicktime, Java, etc." Well that's a lot more than just javascript. Flash on the desktop, which is something Macromedia has been toying with for quite sometime. The breadth of what you can harness excites me.

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