1. A Kerry Announcement Emminent?

    brian on 2004.07.06
    at 03:18 am

    After seeing Joe Trippi on Hahdbahl Amanda and I were transported back to the days where we both read the Dean for America blog several times a day.

    It was a good time.
    -- Amanda

    We decided, on the eve of a possible announcement from John Kerry on his Vice President, that we would check out JK's blog. Well, our consensus was that it lacks that certain energy that Howard's pioneering blog exuded. By the way, our pick is John Edwards. The theory is that JE is the most optimistic. And that's GWB's main tagline "Optimism." Well, it's easy to be enthusiastic when your stock goes up every time you make a political decision.

    We were Dean supporters. We still are, really. Unfortunately, we have to make a choice that doesn't include him, and really there's no comparison. The United States has never lost as many friends as it has in the last four years. And that's just one of the millions of reasons to vote against GWB, by voting for Kerry.

    I voted for Nader in 2000, when I voted for someone I actually wanted in office. I'm so angry that Bush has literally taken my vote of preference away from me, so that I can't vote for someone, but I must vote against George W. Bush.

    Amanda voted for Gore. Neither of us really had much impact on the election, as Gore easily took Connecticut, our place of residence at the time. Until America adopts Instant Runoff Voting, the two major parties will hold a duopoly over power, and the majority of Americans whose political beliefs are a mix from each side of the isle. And we'll all have to vote against someone as much as for someone. And that seems very much undemocratic to me.

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    1. Brian said on 2004.07.06 at 12:08 pm

      We were right.

      The news reports this morning that Edwards is the choice.

    2. Jeff Adams said on 2004.07.07 at 12:42 pm

      The email you got the day before said Edwards was it also.

      Sorry just had to get a little dig there.

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