1. Amazon is the new Napster?

    jake on 2004.07.14
    at 05:48 pm

    The NYTimes raises this question and doesn’t realize it’s not a correct comparison. Simply because Amazon makes it easier to buy used books does not make it like ‘stealing music’. Buying a used copy of 1984 is not the same as using a copier to make a perfect duplicate of it.

    …There aren’t any easy answers, especially as no one is breaking any laws here. – Lorraine Shanley

    Astoundingly Kathryn Blough, the vice president for the Association of American Publishers, actually brought up the whole grey area debate for the stagnation of sales of new books.

    But Ms. Blough said the new-book market could be weak for several reasons, including a slow economy and a sharp increase in other media vying for the book reader’s attention.

    All I keep going back to in my head is libraries. I used to get told an awful lot to save my money and check out a book I wanted to read.

    Whether I’m a library or an individual I can remove from my posession a book I bought because I own it. Whether that be by giving it away, selling it, or throwing it in the trash.

    For some more thoughts…

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