1. New Sustainable Stadium for NYC?

    brian on 2004.07.17
    at 02:20 pm

    Included in NYC's bid to host the Olympic Games, and proposed to be the New York Jets' new home on the West Side of Manhattan, the New York Sports and Convention Center (NYSCC) is in the works to bring a second major venue to the isle of Manhattan (the other being "The World's Most Famous Arena" Madison Square Garden).

    But the reason it makes news on our weblog it's ground breaking environmental sustainability. The Stadium will host 10,000 square feet of solar cells, and 34 wind turbines, among other innovations. It also is accessed by nine modes of transportation, easing traffic and emissions impact. Impressive, but I can't admit to knowing what those nine are. The stadium grounds will be built above the State of New York's Long Island Railroad Hudson Rail Yards, which will continue to operate underneath. The stadium will also surround itself with "blocks" of public, waterfront greenspace.

    Impressive. Let's hope it goes through.
    (Nod: Talk Energy)

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    1. Gary Kroeber said on 2004.10.07 at 04:47 pm

      Stadium in NYC

      To put a Multi purpose Multi, Use Stadium [weather independent, because of a treackable roof] in NYC is a No-Brainer. Since when is a HOME TEAM headquartered in another State . Would that not be a NJ hometeam. Dah!!!.
      If the rules of any PRO-TEAM would stipulate that the team must be located in the state it claims to represent, NEW YORK comes up short!!. Is that what we want from the gratest State in the Union???? LET'S ROLLL!!!!

    2. John said on 2004.11.09 at 04:45 pm

      I highly disagree with you. There should not be a stadium built in nyc. I have to say that is one of the stupidest ideas i have ever heard. You expect them to build a stadium that costs millions when you cant even keep fire houses open ... come on give me a break.

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