1. Governor Schwarzenegger makes odd reference to old SNL characters

    jake on 2004.07.20
    at 05:59 pm

    I'm surprised at the reaction to Arnold's statements. Some are saying it's sexist and homophobic. While I agree it's a stupid comment, and can be viewed as sexist because it implies that women are weaker, why is it homophobic? Regardless of whether he is or not, I don't recall the skits on SNL to highlight anything against being gay. They were simply pointing out the types on insecurities that some "beef cakes" have with themselves. The need to lift weights constantly to try and be better than their peers.

    Instead of trying to look deep into the statement we should take it as it is. A remark made about a bunch of "wussy" competitors, by a guy who likes to throw quotes from pop-culture into his speeches. Even if it is stupid and irresponsible.

    Boing Boing

    And being the geek that I am this reminds me of how when I was in Latin I in High School and these skits were being run (at least around that time) my best friend started jokingly calling people, "Puella Vir."

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