1. The Bourne Supremacy

    jake on 2004.07.25
    at 01:56 am

    Bourne Supremacy PosterI was a big fan of The Bourne Identity. I even sat down and read the book after the fact. After buying the Extended Edition with what they call the Bookend Scenes and a “free” ticket I went and viewed The Bourne Supremacy today. Neither of the movies follow the books other than in spirit. The character development is similar, they just tell slightly different stories about an agent who loses his memory and grapples with that and the agency who trained him.

    There may be some spoilers in here, but I’ll try to keep those to a minimum. I won’t give any big secrets away, but there is more information here than you see in the trailers. Unless you want to be completely left in the dark you can read ahead and still “discover” events in the movie.

    Now Jason (Matt Damon) is living a somewhat peaceful life with Marie (Franka Potente) where the only problems he has are nightmares and doubts about his past. The CIA has closed the group he originally worked for but during a mission to discover a mole someone leaves a “forged” fingerprint of Jason Bourne. Then there is an attempt on Jason’s life. Now the CIA is after him for some answers. And assuming the Treadstone group is still being run and they’re still looking for him Jason turns around and goes after them. Throughout the movie Jason not only gets to the bottom of what is going on he learns more about his past and the nightmares he is having.

    Jason Bourne (Matt Damon)I really enjoyed this movie. It has some great action scenes, including a wonderful car chase scene. It is built on a foundation of characters, you don’t feel like the action is there for it’s own sake. There are also plenty of plot twists. Jason just doesn’t go down. He’s a machine and does everything deliberately. You get to see why his superiors considered him the number one agent. I’m not sure if I’ll see this a second time, since I’m not rich, but I am definitely buying the DVD when it comes out.

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