1. OLED Monitor on show, thoughts...

    jake on 2003.01.24
    at 02:17 pm

    A new and emerging technology is OLED displays. So far they are still in development stages but they are starting to emerge as the screen tech of choice in handheld devices. I'm not positive when they will actually be on the market.

    Sharp had a prototype of a 12" screen at CES recently. The guys over at PocketPC Thoughts had a friend at CES who took a couple pictures of the unit and posted them. The thing is amazing, less than an inch thick.

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    1. desyphix said on 2005.07.30 at 08:36 am

      I read they’re gonna be used for TV’s and Desktop PC monitors also.

    2. sirg said on 2005.09.05 at 07:05 am

      we have to stick to TFTs ...

      I think OLED tech could be available faster on the market, but most factory lines are adapted to TFT/LCD production and manufacturers haven’t covered all the investments/business plans yet using this tech. So we have to buy TFTs to change them for OLEDs after a year or two :(
      The good thing about OLEDs/PHOLEDs is their good visibility, even in bright sunlight.

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