1. Junk Mail attack!!

    brian on 2004.08.03
    at 09:53 am

    Apple's Junk Mail filter is impressiveI awoke this morning to 1084 Junk emails. Usually, after sleeping for 7-8 hours, I would get 40-60. Wow. Luckily, Apple Mail's junk filter caught every single one, without a false positive (I scanned through the folder). Normally, I'd bounce all of that straight back to sender, but I didn't want my ISP to mistakenly tag me as a spammer for trying to return almost 1100 junk mails at once.

    What could of happened to nail me this bad? Well, I tried out Acquisition overnight, first time I've ever done that (and not to steal music, mind you). Is Acquisition spyware? Could it have gotten my email address? My email app has four active addresses, but most if not all the junk was addressed to only one.

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