1. Singapore Likes Scientists

    jake on 2004.08.04
    at 06:30 pm

    Wired Magazine ran an article in the August issue about how Singapore is attracting a large number of scientists with big piggy banks and more freedom (ironic I know) on what they study. The only drawback is the scientists need to devote time to public and gonvernment issues. Even sometimes that pays off.

    During the 2003 SARS outbreak, Hibberd's boss asked him to sequence the virus. He developed a diagnostic test, now sold by Roche Pharmaceuticals, and will split royalties with Roche and the government. "In the UK, an academic institution would look down on that," Hibberd says. "Here, I'm totally open."

    Guess our government really needs to wake up.

    More reading: Union of Concerned Scientists - includes Scientific Integrity in Policy Making report, a must read.

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