1. Where is everybody?

    jake on 2004.08.12
    at 06:41 pm

    It seems that both of us are really darn busy lately. We went from posting a couple times a day to one a week. Well along with Brian being away I have been taking care of my parents house and making sure my brothers don't get into any trouble these past two weeks. Along with work I just haven't had time to read as much as usual.

    And to top it off, after this years ultimate frisbee tournament I will be going with a group of old friends down to visit another old friend in Virginia for a week. It is a much needed vacation. Hopefully I'll get to take a lot of pictures and be a little lazy and get outside a little bit.

    So before I leave let me ask anyone out there reading a quick question. What can Brian and I do when we get back to get more comments and conversations going? I changed over the individual post pages to include comment forms and I'm pretty sure they work. ;) Do we really only have five, shy, people a day visiting? Do we need to be more personable in our posts? Or just not repost things from Boing Boing all the time cause you all already subscribe to their feed too? :) Thanks for any feedback you can provide. :)

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    1. jake said on 2004.08.29 at 12:04 am

      Well that doesn't friggin' help! I screwed up the comments table in the database. :( It hit the end of the road. It'll work now, as is shown by this comments, but oh man that explains so much.

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