1. Two Down, You Next?

    brian on 2004.08.29
    at 11:30 pm

    So far, two people I've become familiar with via the weblog world have been arrested in NYC, involving their use of the First Amendment.

    One, of Bikes Against Bush fame, Joshua Kinberg. If you'd like to see video of his arrest, here's a link to a torrent of the arrest video QuickTime file (this will likely soon expire, and you'll need to have BitTorrent (free) to get it). He was, at the time, being interviewed by Ron Regan on MSNBC. Additionally, the incident was surrounded by cameras and reporters.

    Two, Mike from Satan's Laundromat has too been taken down. It seems he was arrested while attending the monthly Critical Mass ride... monthly, held in hundreds of cities, and never before disrupted in NYC. He was detained for either a) riding his bike, or b) taking pictures of other people riding their bikes. Neither illegal, last time I checked. As for Critical Mass, "We're not blocking traffic, we are traffic!"

    So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you're a friend of mine, or I've read about you on the web and you're going to express your opinions in accordance with the law in NYC at the RNC, you'll need to maintain a low profile to avoid a a Zip tie handcuffing in the new America.

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