1. Republican-based Intellegence

    brian on 2003.01.24
    at 04:44 pm

    OK, most people reading this right now are just waiting for me to tear into some random Republican for something underhanded. Well sorry to disappoint, but I'm hear to sing the praises of Gov. Mitt Romney of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (no one here calls it a state). Well on this one issue at least. Read this Globe article detailing how Mitt and his crew have actually listened to environmentalists who continue to harp on how sustainibility makes sense economically.

    Yes! He wants to cut out SUVs from the state fleet, where they're 99% un-needed.

    "The price tag for SUVs is 50 percent more than regular cars and it's 50 percent more to operate,'' said Douglas Foy, the newly appointed coordinator of housing, transportation, environment, and energy under Governor Mitt Romney. ''Aside from the environmental issue, it's a budget issue in these austere times."

    He's also staying with an excise tax on SUVs mentioned during his campaign and looking into the placement of government offices in urban settings which are readily accessed by mass transit. Damn. I'm impressed. I disgree on many topics with Mitt, but I will be the first to say "Job well done" if this kind of progress makes it to reality.

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