1. Silicon Valley or Potato Valley?

    brian on 2004.09.14
    at 12:00 pm

    I saw a link to this story on a few blogs regarding a company set to build a device that works as a home media server. "Yawn" is the only thought that came to mind. But what I found interesting is that the company is based outside of Boise, Idaho... and that Idaho is actually the home of many tech companies, the biggest being Micron, and also HP and Dell have a division and call center here, respectively.

    I think this is just great. I enjoyed passing through Idaho and wished I had had more time to spend there. Hopefully one day I'll make it back through. It's great for the workers, who get to lead a more humane life in the mountains, and it's really good in my opinion, to spread out our industries. Granted, when industries start up, an incubator in a certain area helps (Silicon Valley, 128-loop of Boston) because the companies are fed by the area's resources (like MIT and the other top notch schools in Boston feed the tech and bio tech companies in the Boston Metro 128 Loop).

    But once an industry or company is cemented, setting up satellite shops is a good idea. First it spreads the wealth... especially good for the economy... producers must have consumers. Second, it diversifies the talent pool. A diversity of ideas is essential to entrepreneurship. Lastly, it doesn't lock people into just one place they can do their job. If they're locked in, and say, don't want to work in Silicon Valley, they'll probably do one of two things: 1) stay, burn out, become unproductive, star in a Dilbert strip. 2) Leave and change careers. Either way is not good for the company, or the workers. (the latter can have upsides, too, but if the employee likes his field, and doesn't want to leave the company nor industry, but is yielding to personal pressures, then it can be bad for their mental health.)

    So my recommendation is for companies to stretch out a little. The hubs are getting crowded.

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