1. Stupid PR People

    brian on 2004.09.16
    at 09:36 pm

    So just a minute ago I read about a press release that says BOSE is releasing a standalone system that you sit your iPod into. I somewhat reminds me of their Wave Radio system. So what do I do as a fan of both Bose and the iPod? I rush immediately to their website to read more about it!

    But, there's nothing on their site about it. Not even a new blurb pointing to the PR release. How weak!!

    If PR is about anything, it's about capturing buzz... capitalizing on momentum and people's short attention spans. BOSE totally dropped the ball on this. I wanted pictures, specs, colors, I wanted to know why I needed this product.

    They should have learned from the people a fellow secretive company who created the iPod... the second there's a product announcement from them, you know there's a pile of info on their website.

    Oh, and by the way BOSE, while I'm on the topic of your website, it's time to axe the other company's logo as your favicon. That's a breakdown in branding. But not as bad as not advertising your own new products.

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    1. Brian said on 2004.09.16 at 09:38 pm

      It'll be there eventually.

      Note, by the time you read this, the info may be up. Remember that before leaving a comment like "duh, its right there." Yes, I'm trying to taunt you into leaving a comment. What, got a blister on your pinky?

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