1. Are Teachers Overpaid?

    jake on 2003.02.04
    at 07:28 pm

    I know a whole bunch of teachers. Initially it was mostly Aunt's. Now that I've graduated I have a chunk of my group of friends who are all either teaching now, or getting teaching degrees.

    This article poses a good question. The odd thing is that people would think that teachers are overpaid. Some teachers, especially from affluent communities, get paid well. But there are a great deal more teachers who are paid rather poorly.

    One of my aunt's deals with a lot of crap from kids constantly. Parents put it on the school system to teach kids right from wrong. When kids are attacking teachers that's a problem. They should show respect. Without teachers they'd be even larger idiots, and I'd hate to see our country be put in the hands of larger idiots. ;)

    Teachers in general are paid too little. They should be given more money until parents learn to grow up. Teachers are there to teach, not babysit.

    Well I could be even more random and mention other opinions about parents, but I think I'll leave that for another rant. don't wanna get too off topic. ;)

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