1. If Google Makes a Browser...

    brian on 2004.09.22
    at 04:10 pm

    If Google makes a browser, it should follow this formula: It should be based on FireFox. It should be available from Google via download, and all of Google's special features that would be in addition to the built in functionality of FireFox, should be simply extensions and theme sets pre-installed and activated. All of which should be user-disable-able.

    Why? Easy. It takes the most advantage of excellent, existing, popularly-supported code. It makes friends in the OpenSource community because bug fixes would be available to the public. It means the least work for Google, and would build upon the tremendous momentum FireFox is enjoying right now, growing from a geek audience to the general public.

    FireFox will benefit from the Google brand's validation of the browser, Google will benefit from having a lot of talented help to produce a product clearly superior to that of it's closest competitor, Internet Explorer. If Microsoft were to try to leverage its monopolistic position to nudge Google to the fringe on systems running the WinOS, by trying to steer people to IE and MSN Search, this would be another tool for Google to nudge back. Certainly, computer makers would be interested in providing an IE/MSN Search alternative, if that alternative came from the popular icon Google. Google on the desktop has a nice ring to it, if you're stuck in a Windows world. Speaking of a Windows world, if Google leveraged FireFox/Mozilla/Gecko, even ThunderBird, it would already have ports to every consumer platform. No extra cost!

    If Google makes a browser, let's hope they don't call it GBrowser. Let's do hope they give us all sorts of cool ways of utilizing Google's technology to sort through the mess and gold mine that simultaneously is the Internet. These additional abilities would have a precursor competitor in A9. Competition is good, since it can breed creativity as necessity.

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