1. Insert pun about Ancient Chinese dynasties.

    brian on 2003.02.06
    at 03:48 am

    Everyone near a TV in the last few months has noted that the Chinese Invasion has occurred. This isn't a rant about Chinese restaurants and the INS. No, this means ball. Basketball, and abnormally tall Chinese men, with extraordinary human athleticism. The man's name is Yao Ming (and if my understanding of Chinese naming customs are correct, Yao is his family name, Ming his common name, although Chinese coming to the States have been known to switch their name's order to mash with our customs, and to confuse me.). Never the less, he went from scoring a goose-egg in his first NBA appearance with the Houston Rockets to quickly being the leading vote-getter for the upcoming All-Star Game and shoe-in for Rookie of the Year (note: rookie in this context only means first year in the NBA, as many international players have other pro experience before reaching the NBA). Anyhow, we all know this. Now, go check out this story at Kuro5hin (if this name isn't familiar to you, it's said "corrosion" like rust, which is because it was started by a guy named Rusty Foster). None the less, read the article to learn a little more about Mr. Yao and his trip to the states, how he picks his endorsements, and assorted other related tid-bits about the business of international sport. A good, if meandering read. No mention to whether or not Ming's PowerBook is only 12" or if he ever got his check accepted.

    [Side note: Nothing to do with Yao here, except when I was gathering pertinent links for this post, I had my only real prolonged experience with Site-review-in-a-sentence: it's a royal mess. And that's being kind. Notice I didn't link to the rookie of the year ballot. That's because I couldn't find it. There's no search feature and every team site is apparently laid out by the same Cro-Magnon who is responsible for the slop at Apparently, no one told them they don't get cheaper hosting rates for having everything on the front page. They didn't save by skipping the IA, either.]

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