1. Jake's first robbery

    jake on 2004.10.07
    at 04:30 pm

    The story

    Well I received my first criminal act last night. Just like Brian's it was not too terrible. It could have been a lot worse.

    I came home from work a little after 5:00 and noticed my back door was unlocked. The outer door was still locked so I assumed I just forgot to lock it when I left. I entered and went about my daily routine. Opened up Peanut Butter and went out front to get the mail.

    A few minutes later I went into the bathroom to put something away. As I was leaving the latrine I noticed glass all on the floor under the kitchen window.

    Now I started to panic, what's going on, why is the window smashed through? I start to think, wait, PB was there, and my TV and stuff. What's going on?

    Looking around the apartment there doesn't seem to be anything missing. Computers, check. TV, DVD player, PS2, hey wait, where the heck is my GameCube?!? It's gone!

    So are almost all my games, including the PS2 ones. Well that's pretty f*cked up. How come they just took the GameCube? I looked around again, still nothing else seemed to be missing. That's bizarre.

    I called the cops and relayed the info to them. I called my parents (my mom works for my insurance agency so it was a double whammy.) Thank God I have insurance. And I called my band mates, as I was supposed to go to rehearsal.

    The aftermath

    So now I have a report and if the thieves try to pawn it I know the GameCube's serial number, etc. What a pain in the ass though.

    I also notice they took all the money out of my change jar. I'm not sure how much, but last time I emptied it I got almost $50 after the machine at the grocery store took it's "commission" (yes I'm too lazy to roll it myself.) And they took all my collected coins, nothing significant, just nostalgic things I got from relatives or my own personal travels. They missed the only coin I'm confident is worth anything.

    So it really wasn't something like they cleaned me out and now I have to worry about losing work, and re-buying things like crazy. But it's still unsettling to know a couple of losers broke into my living space and made off with stuff. Even if I don't get to play video games as much as I used to. Now I don't even have the memory cards with all the saved data on them. I get to start from scratch on everything.

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    1. Brian said on 2004.10.07 at 10:32 pm

      No pros here

      I guess we should be thankful we get attacked by non-Pro thieves. Jake this should prove to you once and for all it's too dangerous in CT, that you should move to a safe city like Boston. They only get you on the streets of Cambridge up here. ;-)

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