1. Kerry Wins Again

    brian on 2004.10.09
    at 04:20 pm

    Clearly, once more the man who has substance to his views trounced the incumbent President last night in the second of the three Presidential debates.

    How can undecideds look at these two and not see a compelling difference?

    Kerry names names and quotes them, and speaks in specifics.

    Bush says things like "It's hard work." Pauses, cracks a joke, pauses, pauses, and asks if his time is up. The President has no substance. He simply cannot compete when there is some else on the stage to challenge his vague half-truths, and misleading statements.

    In contrast, to see the President in person at a campaign rally, you must sign a loyalty oath... not to jeer, hold negative signs, nor doubt your leader. Want to ask a question? They'd be happy to provide you with one, for which the President will have a canned answer ready.

    Kerry lets anyone in. He'll even speak directly to a protester! Gasp!

    That's our election in a nutshell. Either you're one of the President's people, or you don't exist. Of course, you do have a viable opportunity to reverse that situation.

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    Comments (2)

    1. Bob said on 2004.10.09 at 11:31 pm

      Are you on crack? Kerry got his butt handed to him!!!

    2. Brian said on 2004.10.10 at 04:21 am

      You live in a dream world

      Which, coincidentally, is where the President also resides. Facts vs fluff... facts for me, win every time. "Am I outta time? No? ...It's hard work."

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