1. Post Mortum

    brian on 2004.11.03
    at 09:47 pm

    We're dead for another four years. All I heard today from my friends here in Massachusetts (an American State, despite what our president insinuates) was "What happened?" "What's wrong with America?"

    Well, here are some points.

    • Kerry didn't successfully differentiate himself from George Bush to the disinterested crowd. As read elsewhere, a political scientist and an illiterate backward hick have the same voting power in the US (and the hick's got more if he lives in the right state), so a candidate has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Kerry is nuanced, and thus a nuisance to those who don't like think hard.
    • Terry McAuliffe sucks. He might as well be a Republican. Howard Dean is the only man who should be hired to chair the DNC. He's the only one with any resolve in the party. I want my country back, and there's little difference between the DNC and RNC right now, save that the RNC are organized and know how to win. They both play dirty, and I can't stand the thought of associating myself with either of them.
    • Americans are bigots. I used to think that we had moved on, but hatred and fear still rule the day in America. Case in point: how many states voted to discriminate against citizens upon sexual preference? Can someone please tell me how a gay couple effects my hetero life in the least?
    • Fear.
    • Ignorance. This speaks directly towards those who ignore the encroachments on their civil liberties in the name of security. Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.
    • Isolationism. Notice, with the exception of Florida (whose international politics are unique and the president's brother runs the show), all the states in the US who have significant contact with people from the rest of the world voted for Kerry. Notice these states are also the ones which make the majority of the GDP. The rest of the country wants to live in a bubble (PS- its us on the coasts that get attacked, while you vote to provoke more attacks– It'd be fine by me if they'd just start leveling buildings in Nebraska), and live off our dime.
    • Minutes after Kerry conceded, the White House asked Congress to allow the country to take on more debt, so the President can spend some more money we don't have. Who cares, he'll be dead while I'm paying it off.

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    1. jake said on 2004.11.04 at 01:18 pm

      What the fuck?!

      I just wanna know what the hell they're doing with all that money?

      The economy isn't as bad as it was a couple years ago, we already spend more than anyone else on our military times ten. Do we really need to be 8 trillion in debt just to "fix" Iraq?

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