1. Michael Jackson Interview Thoughts

    jake on 2003.02.07
    at 12:30 pm

    Well in my daily reading I came across something interesting over at A little editorial on the interview last night with Michael Jackson.

    It was definitely an odd interview. And I tend to agree with the article over on kuro5hin. While it is pretty odd, and scary to boot, as long as his intentions are pure, there is nothing blatantly wrong with him hanging out with kids. He's obviously psychologically still acting like a 13 year old kid.

    I don't think he's technically a good role model for kids, but there are a lot of problems with our society today and it stems from terrible parenting. Acting like teachers are babysitters and then not giving teachers any respect or authority. No one wants to believe their kids are screwed up. Even though many of them are in fact very screwed up.

    I can relate a story. When I was eighteen I quit my job at Walgreens. I had an opportunity to get a job at Wal-Mart in the electronics dept. I got there and they offered me a position as a cashier till a new position opened up (so much for my tip.)

    Well I decided I would get a job somewhere I could have fun. Always being a Disney fan, and having a brother who at the time was six. I figured why not the Disney store? Sure I would have had to where purple, but I could get discounts, and I'd have fun goofing off there.

    Upon review of my application I was told that if I was to get the position I'd have to stay in the front of the store. I would not be able to go near the toys in the back, unless I kept right on walking into the break room. While I understand the concern, I wasn't trying to get the job so I could hang out and greet people as they walked in.

    I naturally went to Wal-Mart.

    That's just a random story where I was looked down upon because of my gender. Apparently because I'm male, I'm automatically a pedophile because I have a sensitive side.

    Sorry Mike, you need a little more charisma, you may not be doing anything physically wrong, but you're also not defending yourself very well.

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