1. Happy Birthday

    brian on 2004.11.09
    at 01:55 pm

    You can trust FireFox (as opposed to IE)Happy Birthday to FireFox 1.0, which goes live today. Of course, their site is an absolute mob scene right now, so good luck downloading it today. BitTorrent anyone?

    Coincidentally, this coincides with my 26th. I feel special.

    What am I doing on my birthday? Working. A closing shift.

    A Red-White-Red Courrier BagWhat am I getting for my birthday? Amanda is getting me a new Timbuk2 courier bag. For those of you who don't personally know me, I like cycling bags, so I am all smiles over this.

    The G5 PowerMacAdditionally, I'm considering getting a G5 tower to act as my home server and a central backup solution. All my drives are full. I can get a good price on a single processor 1.8, and I am debating making the plunge. This could be fun.

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