1. Big Brother was a wimp

    brian on 2003.02.08
    at 12:42 am

    Or what Ashcroft would do if he was king

    Dangerous. That's what J Edgar Hoover was when he headed the FBI He investigated anyone he wanted willy nilly, ruining lives left and right, at his whim.

    Scary. That's what Richard Nixon was, when you consider how he wanted to treat the information his office used to make decisions with when he was President. For his eyes only, even if he shouldn't legal should have had the information.

    Absurd. The treatment that the current Executive Branch is giving the US public in regards to locking up whatever documents it doesn't want us to see. It's cool that our national energy plan was made by US energy executives meeting in secret with our Vice President?

    And then there's John Ashcroft. No adjectives can adequately describe a former Senator from Missouri who was defeated by a former Governor of Missouri, who was post-mortem for several weeks. Usually, when a state makes that kind of statement about their representatives, they are rid of them. Instead when this one was sent packing, his exile was to become King of American Justice.

    His first "victory" was the the US Patriot Act. A shady piece of legislation rolled through Congress in less the six weeks. Now, he's written a sequel. And like nearly all sequels, this one's much worse than the original. How bad? A draft has been leaked to the Center for Public Integrity, a non-partisan watchdog group. The draft was then revealed to the American public on NOW with Bill Moyers. They have the full-document on that episode's webpage

    Can you say "Secret Arrests?"

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