1. Happy Birthday Re¢ently

    jake on 2004.11.15
    at 07:26 pm

    Wow, other than the fact that the first post really didn't say much (heck it even made some incorrect statements) we've been doing this here web site for 3 years.

    This all got started because Brian had noticed a few weblog type web sites that he was frequenting and keeping abreast of information. Back then you were really a geek if you had one of these things.

    We decided that we were big enough geeks to do something like this. And heck, neither of us had full time jobs at the time. So shortly after graduating I started writing up PHP code and hoping to make something that would be easy to use and expandable. We ended up with this place. It never really got rid of its rough edges.

    Although it did acquire more readers. For a while we were getting a few hundred a day. This month we're averaging over 1,000. And looking to double our 16534 unique visitors from last month.

    Now three years, and some Google tweaking, later we still have the same basic design. The code running the place has been updated multiple times and is getting more and more streamlined, but the frontend is not too exciting.

    I'm hoping in light of its third birthday we can update the look of this place a little and I can learn to write a bit better.

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    1. jake said on 2004.11.19 at 02:53 am

      A Little Patience

      We're gonna have to wait till we get a few more things done before we can update the look of this site. I'm hoping it'll be sooner than later... ;)

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