1. Texas School bans opposite sex day

    jake on 2004.11.17
    at 07:46 pm

    A school in Spurger, Texas switched one of the days of spirit week because a dim witted parent complained and got The Liberty Legal Institute to back her. So much for liberty.

    Here we have a common gross generalization that gay individuals dress like the opposite sex being used to push the fight against the "homosexual agenda." What the hell is the "homosexual agenda?" As far as I can tell it's, "Hey! We want equal rights!"

    According to the tradition, boys and girls reverse social roles for one day during homecoming week. It lets the older girls invite boys on dates, open doors and pay for sodas. It also calls for guys to dress like girls -- and girls like guys.

    That doesn't sound anything like acting gay, it sounds more like gender reversal. Oh wait, that's what it is... This is pretty much like powder puff football games where the football team cheers from the sidelines and the cheerleaders play football. It's all in good fun.

    And the wonderful thing it was replaced with was "Camo-day," where you look like you hsould be carrying a gun. "I'm sorry sir, you can't wear that skirt, but here, put on these symbols of war."

    I'd go to school in pink camo if I lived there.

    From: MeFi

    Update: Retuers has an article about this with some details about the actual day. It also included a quote from the mom who started the whole thing.

    "It might be fun today to dress up like a little girl -- kids think it's cute and things like that. And you start playing around with it and, like drugs, you do a little here and there (and) eventually it gets you," Davies told reporters.

    Apparently Delana Davies thinks that by dressing up and acting like the opposite sex for fun will lead to the students doing it all the time, like a drug. I think Davies is on drugs. That is the most ludicrous thing I have heard in recent memory. Kinda one of those Lewis Black things.

    At least some of the kids are as rebelious as me.

    Despite the change from TWIRP Day, Hunt said some of the students stuck to the old tradition and wore clothes of the opposite sex.

    "I understand from the superintendent that some of the boys dressed in pink shorts anyway," he said.

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