1. Benefits found in simple antibiotic for poor HIV patients

    jake on 2004.11.19
    at 01:22 pm

    Helping suffering people in need is a very good thing. The drug, co-trimoxazole, “costs less than 10 cents per person a day.”

    I find it terrible that education in developing countries is still lacking. Hell I find that education is lacking everywhere. The numbers of HIV infected people even here in the US declined during the 90’s.

    Now that education is heading toward, just say no, without a lot of education, the rates are going back up again. Moving away from safe sex education toward no sex education is naive and ineffective. Kids are gonna have sex, just like their tight ass, right wing parents did in the back seat of a car. All you can do is tell them the truth and give them condoms and hope that you didn’t screw up being a parent. They need a reason not to have sex once hormones kick in. And “because I said so” or “because you’ll go to hell” doesn’t count.

    But a little more to the point of the original article, education needs to be spread in developing countries also. I viewed a show on HBO in 2003 (You can buy the DVD or a book about it too) where it was made clear that many of the sick are carted off like the Lepers of old and basically feared out of ignorance. Anyone remember Philidelphia?

    Let’s hope that the rest of the world can lead the spread of information since our government is so adament about supressing it.

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