1. Mind wandering back

    brian on 2004.12.15
    at 06:27 pm

    Today I am off from the usual gig. Jake and I have been working on research to present in a proposal to a prospective client, which could be a very cool project. More on that when/if we have something to talk about publicly.

    I've been pondering the fact that I haven't been posting as much as I should, and if you're a regular reader, I do apologize. We've considered adding a quick "links we've read recently" section, a la Kottke's remaindered links. which would have helped during the recent dry spell. I'm still reading the web / NetNewsWire voraciously, but I've not been spurred to comment much about what I've read recently. The only thing I might point to is Lisa Rein's coverage of the Ohio/National voting debacle. Otherwise, I've been trying to hold back on my political commentary. It just makes me so angry, that I don't want this to become a rant log.

    But what has captured my mind over the last 24 hours has been weather, snow and webcams, and simultaneously thinking back to my cross country trip this summer. {Post One | Post Two} Someday we'll have more of a story about it. Maybe.

    Particularly, our favorite part of the trip was Montana. If you combine Montana with weather, and snow, you get Brian in wonderland. Just something about snow out there that calls to me. Working for the National Weather Service or Montana DOT dealing with snow out there is just so appealing to me. Why? Am I nuts? Certainly. I am certainly not qualified to be a weather person. (question: do some schools offer meteorology as a major? or do you study environmental science and move over?) Whatever it'd be, it'd certainly involve the web.

    So today I found a wonderfully simple way to transport myself out there, into the conditions... Montana webcams, many from the NWS and Montana DOT.

    Also, I've been trying to think up a project that would allow me to combine the NWS's new XML feeds, a webcam (likely an iSight + EvoCam, but possibly adding a Linksys WiFi camera if I were to go all out) and some sort of personal weather center that I could collect my own data from, when we get to our new abode, sometime later 2005. I'd love to run this all off the new, pending G5

    Till then, it's pure escapism. See you there.

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    1. jake said on 2004.12.15 at 08:45 pm

      What about displaying it?

      You could always pull a Dunstan. I might be able to help.

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