1. Saving Blogging's Rep

    brian on 2004.12.22
    at 12:46 am

    I have a friend, let's call him "Dave." Today he says to me "I hate blogs, and bloggers. They're always bitching and they should shut up." I had two thoughts race instantly my mind. 1) Hey, I'm a blogger. 2) Has he seen any other blogs than the three links I sent him? Reading my mind, he then continues "Not that I ever read blogs, just those links you sent me, but they pretty much turned me off."

    Well, I am responsible for the bad name blogs (I hate that word, from here out, "weblogs") have with him. I sent him three links to dopes who were complaining about our employer, who we happen to like.

    Tonight, I aim to reverse his opinion by finding some excellent links to good bloggers who aren't a) big bitches b) not web developers. The latter is mainly because something like 75% of the weblogs I read are by web geeks. OK, well if they post general interest stuff, they can squeak in. This post is for to all my non-blog-initiated friends...

    * Daring Fireball

    - Mac Punditry done right, by John Gruber.

    * "The Unoffical Apple Weblog":

    - A pretty generic Apple-centric blog, but entertaining

    * "Signals vs Noise":

    - Leaning toward web-geeks, but often just web and tech centric.

    * "AutoBlog":

    - Excellent for auto fans. Dave'll appreciate all the new Mustang coverage.

    * "":

    - Very infrequent posts nowadays, but I think he'll appreciate the attitude.

    * "Acts of Volition":

    - A web geek that doesn't often get into web geekery, good music info, and open-source and Mozilla stuff. Also, Canadian.

    * "Matt Haughey":

    - Matt made "MetaFilter(MeFi)": and I also read his "PVR weblog":, which is a great resource for TiVO fans.

    * "Lawrence Lessig":

    - If you're interested in what the government wants to do in regards to the law and the internet, this is _the guy_ to listen to.

    * "Engadget":

    - One of two of the definitive geek-toy blogs.

    * "Gizmodo":

    - Two of two of the definitive geek-toy blogs.

    Those, hopefully will get you started.

    Any other thoughts for good "starter" blogs for getting people hooked on blogs? Slight geek tilt OK for our purposes...

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