1. Good Fonts are Hard to Find

    brian on 2005.01.09
    at 04:15 pm

    I don’t know who is responsible for but thank you for putting up 300 excellent freeware fonts, I took several.

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    1. free fonts said on 2005.01.25 at 08:28 pm

      Font Management Tutorial Mac OS X

      Hi, I will check out that link to the free fonts, in case you are a printer, designer, or publisher that uses allot of fonts, here’s a great tutorial that helped me get all my fonts in good working order.

      Mac OS X has so many font locations that it uses to store and retrieve fonts. It also has support for Windows True Type fonts, Mac OS 9 fonts both true type fonts and type 1 adobe fonts. Now it has added TTF open type fonts and even .dfonts.

      Most of the other users I know have really fought there font issues going to Mac OS X. Here’s a link to some very good help. I can’t figure out how this link works but here’s a try. Font Management Tutorial for Mac OS X

    2. Marinus said on 2005.02.26 at 02:44 pm

      Yo dude, you should check out:

      Good one, both french and english language option!


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