1. Mac Mini and other Apple announcements

    jake on 2005.01.11
    at 07:26 pm

    Early this afternoon Apple had one of their famous conferences where they talk about the really cool stuff coming out in the near future. I still haven’t figured out why I write about this stuff more than Brian. Maybe he feels you all might think he’s biased.

    Mac Mini

    Mac Mini being heldIn this expo the biggest announcement in my book was the Mac Mini. Not only is it small but it’s almost as powerful as my Power Book. If I had a reason to buy one outside of some urge to fit in with the Mac community I’d do it. Especially since I’d have to up the power and push the cost well above it’s $499-$599 base price.

    Mac Mini backsideThe only gripe I have is the weak graphics power with no expansion. I’m not saying it has to be top of the line, but at least give us a little more RAM on those things. Well that and not including Gigabit Ethernet.

    That would really help my dream… Could someone buy a group of them, cluster them, and show pictures of them stacked up? I would absolutely love to see that.

    Technorati Mac Mini Results


    Although I’m a fan of the software upgrade to iLife. I’m more interested to see where Apple is taking iWork

    Are they really gonna take on Office in the future? Pages looks like a nice word processor.

    The iPod shuffle looks cute. But I think if I was to buy any iPod I’d go for a full size original version.


    Go to and at the bottom, read footnote number two, it could save your life.

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