1. Blizzard Blessings

    brian on 2005.01.23
    at 01:19 am

    So thanks to the Blizzard of ’05, I got off early tonight from work, allowing me to watch my UConn Huskies play the big game against Pittsburgh.

    UConn proactively asked ticket holders for the game who knew they would not be coming out in the blizzard to call in, so that the school could offer the tickets to the student on campus without tickets.

    The result is what should happen at every UConn game at Gampel Pavilion. The entire lower section appears to be students, along with both ends of the arena. What that is a massive home court advantage. The students are standing, and exerting their presence. I think every game should be at Gampel, the Hartford Civic Center, although it seats 6,000 more, sucks.

    Note to UConn athletics: fill at least the bottom ring with all students. Your home court advantage will go up. The great small-venue basketball facilities do this, and no opposing team wants to play there. You make so much stinking money off this team that you can afford to put the big wigs in the upper section, plus this way, they can see over people who want to stand.


    Proud Alumn Brian.

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    1. Eric said on 2005.01.27 at 03:16 pm

      I couldn’t agree more Brain. I am a UConn student, and there is constant grumbling about the lack of student seats, and how we get pushed so far back in Hartford. There were INDIANA fans in front of the students at the Indiana game in Hartford! The first 6 rows of the civic center “student section” are for the yuppies. We’re just that cheap. Almost half the people who camped out couldn’t get Gampel tickets (only 2500 offered for a 15000 students) People who were standing in line from 5 am in cold rainy weather with NO crowd control and only garbage bags ponchos to keep warm were forced to settle for 300 level seating at the civic center!! The civic center with 6000 extra seats puts some students in the upper level. I know that donors bring in big money, but you can’t sell your soul and home court advantage for a few extra bucks. There should be a better compromise. Duke, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina all make money and put students on the floor. Why can’t we do better? The atmosphere for the snow storm game was amazing. Despite the result it was still one of the most exiting, but the most heartbreaking basketball game I’ve ever seen. Calhoun always champions for better and more student seats. From the results of his past 19 years, this future hall-of-famer knows what he’s talking about when it comes to college basketball.

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