1. When Starfire is not Starfire

    brian on 2003.02.13
    at 02:54 am

    "This is the blurriest picture we've ever taken of anything, and this is the one that makes the front page of the newspapers," Johnson said.

    So how did the scientists working with the USAF's most advanced optics, which can reportedly spy on spy satellites and track ballistic missiles, come up with a fuzzy picture of a much closer object?

    Starfire Optical Range engineers... had rigged up a device using a commercially available 3 1/2-inch telescope and an 11-year-old Macintosh computer

    In an interview with the AP, the scientists wanted to set the record straight.

    "We were not asked by NASA to do this," said Robert Fugate, the optical range's technical director. "There was no official project or tasking to do this. The people who work here are geeks. This was an opportunity to look at a rapidly moving object and try to take a picture of it. That's really all it was."

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