1. Problems with the current Stem Cell Lines

    jake on 2005.01.24
    at 06:54 pm

    I’m sure you’ve all heard about how the current Administration views stem cells and the “problems with their “science.. To summarize, although there are points to be made on both sides, they would have you think that to gather stem cells we’re massacring babies. Not quite true.

    Now to add to the problem, some of the methods used to grow the current cells and use them for development could be contaminating them.

    When embryonic stem cells are added to serum from human blood, antibodies stick to the cells. This suggests the cells are seen as foreign, and that transplanting them into the body would trigger the immune system to reject them.

    The administration still hasn’t gotten its head out of its ass on this issue.

    From: Wired

    Posted in: Politics · Science


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