1. New PowerBooks

    brian on 2005.01.31
    at 01:35 pm

    Hi, all. You may notice that I usually don’t blog about new Apple product releases. But since Jake asked me to, I’ll point out a few less noticeable, but seriously cool, upgrades to the new line of PowerBookG4s . Everyone can see the speed bump and the price drop but here’s a few things you might miss:

    • Scrolling touchpad. No longer do you need to turn to third party software if you care to scroll using your touchpad, you can now scroll with built-in drivers.
    • New Bluetooth 2.0. Improves speeds from 1.0 to 3mbps. These G4 portables are the first computers to offer Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (enhanced data rate) in the world. Still backwards compatible with BT 1.0, of course.
    • Dual DVI technology. Some of you may know that Apple’s gargantuan 30 HD display requires two DVI connections to move all those pixels. Now Apple has graphics in a portable that can support that: standard in the 17”, optional on the 15” Stock 15”‘s and 12”‘s can use the 23”‘s as max.
    • Sudden Motion Sensing. You may have seen IBMs adds regarding dropping your co-worker’s laptop while at the lunch counter. This is still a bad idea (dropping any electronic device), but now Apple’s portable hard drives can go a little further in attempting to lock down their moving parts to “brace” for impact. Still, don’t drop your laptop.
    • Super SuperDrives: DVD-burning is now supported in the DVD+R/RW disc format as well as DVD-R/RW. And does so at 8x speed, if you have 8x discs.
    • Up to 100mb hard drives available. All drives (60, 80, 100) come as 5400rpm mechanisms. All machines have minimum 512mb of DDR RAM installed at the factory.

    Man, these make look at my 867mhz 12” and think back to when it was the top of the line…

    These are just my own observations, do please see the official Apple press release for details and check out the PowerBook on Apple’s website .

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